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Ashton Angelle's Debut Single "Dancin' Just For Me" Out Now

NASHVILLE, TN, (January 2023) — Angelle's debut single, “Dancin’ Just For Me,” gives fans of contemporary music a fresh sound while letting classic country fans hear the nostalgic sounds of pedal steel guitar. From the start of the track, the listener is captivated by the dreamy guitar groove as it makes way to straightforward lyrics sung in a voice influenced by crooners of the past. The single allows listeners to get a glimpse of Angelle’s new retro sound that will be showcased further in future singles.

About Ashton:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if spicy bayou met neon western? Born and raised in New Orleans, Ashton Angelle was practically destined to live the life of a Louisiana Man. Growing up in southern Louisiana, Angelle was heavily musically influenced by many cultures and sounds. Once Angelle realized it was not only his dream, but his goal to become an artist, he knew the next steps to take in order to make it a reality.

Inspired by many of the legends of country & western music, Ashton was drawn to Music City. After several years of being in Nashville, he connected with singer/songwriter, Brett Penington, which led Ashton to finally take on the local music scene. Ashton and Brett became fast friends and quickly realized they had similar music taste. Between Penington’s talent as a songwriter and musician and Angelle’s unique voice and sound, they’d soon form what we now know as Ashton Angelle and his band, The Delta Riders.


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