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Bringing Soul to Americana: Grammy-Nominated Artist MAJOR.'s Musical Journey to Nashville

His name is MAJOR. and his impact the same.

MAJOR. represents the “intersection” of Soul and Americana genres. His music combines the raw emotions and gospel/R&B influences of Soul with the rootsy storytelling and gritty honesty of Americana.

With over HALF A BILLION digital streams, 4 independent solo projects, national tours, song cuts by Ariana Grande, JoJo and Nathan Sykes, appearances on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Sherri, The Jennifer Hudson Show, Extra and Today, guest roles in hit TV shows/films like Fox's "STAR," National Geographic's "Genius: Aretha," "Legend" (starring Tom Hardy), and more, MAJOR. is making MAJOR waves in the entertainment industry.

Between 2020 and 2022, MAJOR. married his "Mrs. Why I Love You" (covered by People Magazine), launched the MAJOR.HOPE Foundation, released his EP "The Hope of My Soul" and a powerful, spoken meditative album series titled "MAJOR.HOPE Motivations & Pep Talks," which champions the charge for culture to prioritize mental and physical well being.

His powerful reimagining of the classic “Whole World in His Hands” and the Platinum-hit love anthem "Why I Love You," which Stevie Wonder proclaimed "would be the wedding/love song for years to come," are proof - the GRAMMY, 2x Soul Train and 8x NAACP Image Award-nominated entertainer promises so much more to come..and it can only be as mighty as the name his mama gave him: MAJOR.

We recently had the opportunity to meet with MAJOR. to discuss music, life, hope and more. He was charismatic, kind, optimistic - just as we had hoped!

Hi, MAJOR.! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. You released your newest song called “Joy in the Battle” on December 1st, which already has over 100K streams on Spotify.That’s impressive! Congratulations. Can you give us a little background about the song and the message behind it?

Thank YOU for taking time to interview me. I’ve been on this journey for a good while now and I gotta say: my new single “Joy In The Battle” is one of those anthems from my EP (“The Hope Of My Soul”) that just hits different. I co-wrote it with a talented Roc Nation producer (now brother), Joaquin Bynum. Some of my best lyrics ever (in my humble opinion…lol). Be it storm or sunshine - choose JOY! That’s the message.

The musical gumbo in this song is probably the most accurate reflection of me as well - Soul, Folk, Americana, and Hand-Clapping Gospel. I really hope to rock the world with this one! Radio, festivals, commercials, movies, & maybe even the SuperBowl. I dream BIG, as you can see.

Do you see the song as a personal anthem for overcoming challenges, or do you hope it resonates with a wider audience facing different struggles? 

“JOY IN THE BATTLE” is absolutely a personal anthem. It’s a new hope anthem for world! I do my best to sing & speak from experience - both trial & triumph. This season alone has been a test of me choosing JOY even when my storm ain’t over yet. The world knows struggle well. But I’m committed to assuring they know the power of Love, Hope, & JOY even more than that! 

You’ve appeared as a guest on hit TV shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show, Today, Sherri, The Jennifer Hudson Show and more. What were some of those experiences like?

UH-FRIGGIN-MAZING! I was honored by having just one national daytime tv moment, but when 5 said bring it - I brought it! And it was MAJOR! This independent artist journey is a perpetual uphill battle but throughout the climb. God blesses me with crazy favor that makes it all worth it! Still, I believe there’s so much more!

You are one of 13 children. Wow! Did growing up with so many siblings prepare you for performing in front of crowds?

Absolutely! Growing up in a blended family of so many folks can only prepare you for community & crowds. I learned to see life from many perspectives and also how to share a space while unapologetically taking up my own! My upbringing developed me into being a champion for the well being of people. I sincerely love everybody.

You’ve mentioned that when you were a child, you hated your name. When you graduated college, your mom finally told you the inspirational meaning behind it: she knew you’d accomplish something “major” in your life. We believe you’ve definitely lived up to that legacy, especially with the creation of your MAJOR.HOPE Foundation. Can you explain a little bit about the program to our readers?

My mama prayed that I’d make a MAJOR impact on the world. Once I found that out, I’ve been leaning into that purpose and assignment ever since. The MAJOR.HOPE Foundation is a social action initiative committed to the amplification of hope in people & communities near and far. This is my vehicle to assure folks know there’s always hope in love, life, and future - 'cause hope ain’t ever cancelled. 

You’re known for your energetic stage presence and powerful live performances. You will be performing at one of Nashville’s most famous venues, The Basement, on January 9th. What can fans expect from you?

Let me just say, on January 9th - history will be made. Nashville is in for a something mighty! I don’t take moments with good people lightly. Imma deliver well & surely the people are gonna leave that Basement saying now that’s MAJOR.! 

For more information, please visit and follow MAJOR. on FacebookInstagramSpotifyX/TwitterYouTubeApple Music and TikTok.


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