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Melroze Takes Over Pop With EP "Validation"

January 14, 2021 (Nashville, TN)- Singer-songwriter Melroze has released her debut EP Validation today. The project premiered exclusively on Music Crowns.

Listen to Validation here.

The EP features five previously released tracks and a sixth, unreleased hidden gem: an acoustic version of the title track and the artist's debut single "Validation." Serving as the opener and closer of the EP, the song encompasses the journey Melroze has taken to get to this point. “I walked away from the music industry when I was 26, in part, because I felt like I had failed. Over time, I realized I still wanted to record and release music, no matter the outcome. I named this EP 'Validation' as a way to remind myself I’m still a songwriter and artist, no matter my level of success. I felt like I needed to prove that to myself. After 8 years of chasing validation from others, I realized what I really needed was inner validation that I was on the right path and that the music I make deserves to be heard," Melroze says.

"Validation" is a strong opener to an EP jam-packed with haunting vocals and searing lyrics that never shy away from the harsh realities of life and love. With a dark pop edge, the stunning production by Ryan Prewett on the opening track catapults Melroze's listeners into the singer-songwriter's mind as she describes a toxic love affair

The electronic-influenced pop track "Nightlight" maintains a delicate balance between serious storytelling and upbeat instrumentals. Laden with synths, the song serves as a more danceable release from the singer. The repetitive chorus is more than capable of being compulsively singable after one play. While Melroze has a firm grasp on melancholy and vulnerability, "Home" is a departure from the singer-songwriter's breakup ballads. A sweet affirmation of how much her relationship means to her, "Home" is dedicated to the special person that feels as comfortable as a second skin. Melroze glides effortlessly into mainstream pop despite her strong singer-songwriter and indie influences. Mental health awareness is one of Melroze's philanthropic passions and "S.O.S" encapsulates the struggles she and many others have faced. Originally released as a single in October for Mental Health Awareness Month, the track is unflinchingly honest and raw. With simplistic piano accompaniment, Melroze's clear voice shines. Inspired by Celtic music, "Overboard" finds a pleasing balance between indie and pop that is remarkably crafted. Layered background vocals melt together in the opening and closing of the track as the singer tells a lover that cannot compromise her health for them anymore. While this is a breakup song on the surface, Melroze wrote "Overboard" with the intention of spreading the message that "you have permission to choose yourself and your own happiness and your own future." Validation ends on a high note with "Validation (Acoustic)" and compels listeners to hit repeat to hear the original version again. Melroze recorded the song with producer Ryan Prewett in one take and this technique captured the sheer power Melroze holds in her voice. With stunning piano accompaniment, Validation is closed with listeners needing more from the singer, thanks to her skilled artistry and thought-provoking writing.


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