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Mitch Bradford Releases Brand New Album Close

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Having set the tone for the arrival of his 4th studio album with successful singles over the past few months, Mitch Bradford is now letting the songs speak for themselves with the release of his full-length project, Close. Released today, Friday, August 12, Bradford is unleashing his unique blend of Cali rock and soulful country for a sonic experience that nods to the music of the past and future. To celebrate the album release, he will be heading back to where it all started for a special release party at The Village Studios in Santa Monica, California at 7pm PT tonight.

"Every songwriter has a gap in their mind between their vision for a record and what ends up getting put on tape. CLOSE is my best effort at narrowing that gap. The sound we captured, the high-vibe 70s radio rock sound with some California Country sprinkled on top, is the sound I had in mind,” Mitch shared. “We had a blast making it, and recorded it all live on the floor. Just like our heroes, Tom Petty and Jackson Browne, did. We poured our hearts into this album and now it's yours. I hope you love it!"

Coined the first country record funded by cryptocurrency, Close is at the forefront of innovation within the country genre. To Bradford, self-funding a record was not only a personal achievement but a fulfillment of a dream to take control of his own destiny and create a record that was solely his. Written and composed entirely by Bradford, the 10-track album highlights his eclectic influences and conveys a sense of nostalgia as evidenced on tracks like “More Than Life” and “You Were Always Mine.” Closing out the record is the dynamic “Live Here Forever” that captures the heart of the project lyrically but also sonically with its timeless blend of country and rock elements.

While his love for music began as a child in the small town of Brownsville, Texas, Bradford eventually headed out West to make a name for himself in music. He has accrued over 1 million streams on Spotify with fan-favorite tracks such as “Love Is Kind” and “Sweet Defender.” With more exciting announcements coming later this year, the release of his new album further proves his steadfast dedication to taking listeners on a country americana journey with a 70s radio Rock flair.

Stream Close HERE

Keep up with Mitch on Instagram, Facebook and his official website.

Close | Tracklisting

  1. More Than Life

  2. Slow It Down

  3. I Can Fly

  4. You Were Always Mine

  5. Bad At For Good

  6. Big Tears

  7. Falling After You

  8. I Belong To You

  9. Little By Little

  10. Live Here Forever


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