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Music executive and first-time author Jonnie Forster will be releasing his debut children’s book The Bird and The Bee out on 11/15 via Simon & Schuster. Accompanying the book release will be the new single and music video entitled, “The Song of the Bird and the Bee '' written and performed by multi-platinum-selling songwriter M’Jesti that will be available on all major streaming platforms worldwide on 11/15 through The Penthouse record label.

Forster was raised Jewish and from New York, and was first inspired to write the story twelve years ago, shortly after marrying his wife, Kamilah, who is part Native American and African American. A few months after their wedding, Forster found himself in Lake Tahoe where he observed a hummingbird feeding on a flower, next to a group of bees. He started to contemplate how incredible it was that these two very different creatures could not only co-exist but were enjoying nature together in harmony. Forster began to develop a story about a long nose hummingbird (him) who falls for the future Queen of the hive (his wife). After the birth of their daughter Ivy and during the height of the pandemic, Forster started to put pen to paper and finally finish the story while quarantined.. The book follows Herbie the Hummingbird and Bree the Princess Bee as they change the world, all while teaching lessons of acceptance, teamwork, open-mindedness, environmental consciousness, and love. Forster noted, “Everyone knows the story of the Birds and The Bees, now it’s time to meet the true origins of the story.”

For the illustrations, he scoured the internet sifting through thousands of potential creators to bring his characters to life. He found Yuliia Danchuk, an unknown and unpublished Ukrainian illustrator. Forster, also of Ukrainian lineage, was immediately drawn to her talent and expressed sympathy for the volatile state she was in. With no formal training, and despite living within a warzone, Danchuk connected with the story on many levels and was able to beautifully interpret the characters. She explains, “For one when my parents divorced, we moved to the mountains of Western Ukraine where I found solace in the beauty of the forest. Unfortunately, for the next 15 years, I watched how my forest got mercilessly destroyed, felled, and littered.” She adds, “Secondly, I'm also a hopeless romantic. Even though I'm 30 years old, I still believe in true love.” The book was a much-needed outlet for Danchuk helping her switch off her brain from bad thoughts. She explained, “When I worked on the illustrations, I forgot about everything going on around me.” From her payment, she was able to flee the war in her beloved country and relocate to the Czech Republic where she and her brother currently reside.

Since Forster’s world is music, he enlisted BMI award recipient and Icon Honoree M’Jestie to create an upcoming EP inspired by the book. In her early 20s, M'Jestie began writing songs for Bad Boy and Roc-A-Fella Records and by the age of 26 had sold more than 2 Million albums, notably penning Rihanna’s very first global hit “Pon De Replay.” After that career-making opportunity, M’Jestie walked away from the music industry to start her Dream Little Dreamer music school for children. She was so inspired by The Bird and the Bee that she came out of retirement to contribute the theme song and subsequent singles.


Born to Marenda Glover (Brooks), M'Jestie was introduced to the art of music and poetry which was designed to keep her safe during her childhood. Though at 15, M’Jestie’s life changed when she had to quickly adapt to motherhood after the birth of her son, Jameel. Her decision to leave high school helped her develop a relentless work ethic to make ends meet, attending numerous industry events in which she hoped for an opportunity to secure a radio hit that would launch her career. Surpassing that dream, M'Jestie is the author of Dream Little Dreamer, a children’s book, and the founder of a school by the same name. She is a BMI awards recipient, Icon Awards Honoree, and one of the most phenomenal singer-songwriters of our generation.


Jonnie Forster joined A&M/Tuff Break Records implementing marketing plans for their hip-hop roster before moving to Capitol Records. As a marketing executive, he was instrumental in campaigns for the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, Tina Turner, Pink Floyd, and a host of others. His first break came as executive producer for George Clinton’s “Greatest Funkin’ Hits” album securing artists like Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Coolio, J At 23 years old, he was promoted to Director of A&R/New Business Development, one of the youngest to hold this title in the company’s storied history. Jonnie and his brothers established the premier music supervision company for the video game industry with clients including EA Sports, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Activision. The company continued to develop recording artists and entered into joint venture deals with Warner Bros Music, BMG Music, and EMI. The Forster Bros. then opened a business consulting division for entertainment projects most noteworthy representing the Palms Casino and Resort, the Gallo Winery, and The Bob Marley Estate to launch Marley Coffee. The management side of the business has seen clients ranging from global icons including Lauryn Hill, to current country crossover star Willie Jones. In 2020, Forster’s entertainment company 4 SOUND rebranded to The PENTHOUSE. The Penthouse includes recording studios, offices for film & TV, and management companies. In 2022, he launched The Penthouse South, a joint venture with Sumerian Records.


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