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Prospector Popcorn Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month

In line with Prospector Popcorn’s Mission to provide competitive and inclusive employment for people with disabilities, the Prospector will be announcing a limited-time flavor of their Gourmet popcorn, which will be available throughout the month of April.

Prospector Popcorn is more than just a gourmet popcorn brand, but one that provides competitive and inclusive employment for people with disabilities. They sparkle and transform their passions into professions, while earning paychecks with competitive wages. Approximately 75% of its 125 employees self-identify with a disability.

WHAT: April 2023, the world will be celebrating Autism Acceptance Month. To help demonstrate how talented this workforce is, Prospector Popcorn is releasing a limited-edition flavor Superstar Crunch. Celebrate with delicious popcorn that’s made for tastebuds across all spectrums! This Classic Caramel is “Star” studded with colorful candy coated chocolate chips, brownie goodness, and cosmic blue sparkle!

WHEN: People can begin purchasing their Superstar Crunch starting Monday April 3rd, in addition to any of their other 8 signature flavors which are available all year round.

WHERE: Popcorn lovers and people that want a tasty way to support World Autism Acceptance Month are encouraged to purchase these delicious gourmet popcorn flavors on Prospector Popcorn’s official website.

WHY: Approximately 80% of Americans with disabilities don’t have a job. Meaningful employment is vital to a person’s mental, social, financial, and emotional health. Prospector Popcorn wants to transform the lives of people with disabilities by giving them competitive and inclusive employment opportunities. When you purchase delicious popcorn from them, you create the thousands of opportunities and interactions that fuel the Prospector's mission, while celebrating Autism Acceptance Month!


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