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Review: Charlotte Morris Reminds Us "Not Every Love Story" Ends with "I Do"

Not all relationships end with a happy ending...and that's okay.

It's pretty fair to say we have all had our hearts broken in one way or another. Some people may cry while devouring a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. Some people may deny they ever had feelings and move on quickly. Charlotte Morris, on the other hand, channels her raw emotions into her songwriting.

Charlotte's biggest strength is her storytelling. The Nashville-based artist puts her heart and soul into her music and uses her own personal experiences to connect with her listeners. "Not Every Love Story" is not your typical breakup song, however. The edgy, yet upbeat, Country/Rock anthem portrays more of an "I'm choosing myself" message, rather than a "woe is me" one. The relatable lyrics and fun tempo will have you dancing around your kitchen, loving your independence and forgetting about the person who broke your heart. 'Cause I learned and I grew and I'll find someone new who loves just as hard as I do...

Be sure to check out Charlotte's full-length album, "Songs for My Next Ex," on Spotify.


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