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Review: Interstellar Folk Artist Annathyst Has Us Floating on Air with Debut Album "Fly Again"

Grief is a tricky thing. As the title track of interstellar folk artist Annathyst's eight-song debut album "Fly Again" says, there are times for celebrating and times for suffering.

After losing her younger sister Lucy in a tragic house fire when she was twenty, Annathyst turned to music as a way of coping. She began channeling her trauma through songwriting, creating songs that were both autobiographical and healing. "My album Fly Again is a story of mending broken wings to fly again in this life. Bring your sweet little hearts and I will take you on a journey from Earth to the stars in this emotional, yet uplifting, set of songs."

Although her single "White Rose" tells the somber story of Annathyst singing at her sister's funeral, her stunning vocals somehow make the melancholy track relaxing. We felt as if we were listening to an old friend vent, yet experienced the comfort of a warm hug all at the same time.

The banjo sounds and atmospheric melody of "Mountain Skies" make for easy-listening. The song, which reminds listeners to see and feel the beauty all around, paints a beautiful watercolor image of the wilderness in our minds.

Our favorite song on the album is a retro-sounding, dream pop tune. "All Night" has a 1960s Woodstock meets 1970s disco vibe to it and definitely had us snapping along to the beat. Rewind to 1968 and we could envision Annathyst duetting on stage with The Mamas & the Papas, donning sequined bell-bottoms and groovy glitter makeup.

Today, we choose to celebrate Annathyst and her passion for music - and we hope you will help honor her sister Lucy's memory by taking a listen to Fly Again. "It's been my greatest challenge in this life to accept her early death, but she lives on in my heart and everyone who loved her."


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