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Review: Los Angeles Rock Band Allows Us to "Give In" to Our Emo Guilty Pleasures

Give In is a Los Angeles-based rock band that combines the post-hardcore trends from their youth with a modern rock edge. Their punchy blend of rock is a style and sound that listeners of all demographics will get hooked on.

The band's newest release, Flinch, really emphasizes the soulful, yet rockstar-like vocals and smooth harmonies. Reminiscent of Fall Out Boy's 2007 hit Thnks Fr The Mmrs, Give In provides listeners with the pop-punk nostalgia we've been searching for.

The edgy, yet catchy lyrics 'cause you love the feeling when I can’t say no to you, more than you even like when I actually come through remind us of our teenage angsty selves, screaming along to a breakup song, pretending to relate. While the song may be describing a shallow relationship, the band delivers a deep vocal performance that we love.

Flinch just may be the new alternative anthem that brings rock and roll back to the 2020s.


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