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Review: Sarah Mae Chilton Has Us Falling in Love and "Caving In"

We think it's safe to assume most people associate Nashville, Tennessee with Country, Folk or Bluegrass music. They probably picture cowboy hats, pick-up trucks and banjos in their minds. Sure, you will find those here (and we love them!), but Music City has a lot more to offer than just the stereotypes. Take Sarah Mae Chilton, for instance.

The North Carolina native came to Nashville with the dream of becoming a pop star, expecting to get lost in a sea full of other musicians. Instead, she found her niche...performing at the famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge on Broadway and writing with some of the most accomplished songwriters the industry has to offer.

In March of 2021, Sarah Mae released her latest album "Southern Glitter Pop." Last week, she released the official music video for "Caving In," a single from that same album. The song features a sultry, jazz-like melody mixed with instrumentals reminiscent of U2's "With of Without You." The video is well-produced and interesting to watch. Personally, we love that it showcases Music City's beautiful skyline, too!

"I’ve loved like a country song, learned to sparkle like a diva and have made some dear friends on the way to my dreams," says Sarah Mae. "I am filled with gratefulness because now I get to tell the world my truth with the help of some of the most talented writers and producers in Nashville. Life is beautiful and the best things are possible. Don’t underestimate the power of believing in miracles."

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