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NASHVILLE, TN - (April 21, 2023) -Rising country music artist Rob Wolf is pleased to announce the release of his new, autobiographical single, “How I Live My Life.” Self-written, the song does exactly what the title says, it describes how the Montana native has always lived his life, complete with true stories about his home, family, hobbies and even mischief he’s gotten himself into. “How I Live My Life” is available for download and streaming HERE.

A personal anthem of sorts, Wolf obviously had an enjoyable time writing the new music, as it includes a lot of fun elements, such as boyhood trouble in the great outdoors. A trip down memory lane that allows fans the opportunity to get to know both the young Wolf, and the grownup version, via his own words.

Rob Wolf explained, “If I were to claim a song as an anthem, it would be ‘How I Live My Life.’ This song was a blast to write because it’s about all the ridiculous ways that I’ve found myself in trouble over the years, and how they have shaped me into the man I am today.”

“I can say I’ve played a big part in ‘How I Live My Life,’ given all of the dumb things that Rob and I have gotten into,” shared Wolf’s best friend Jake. “When Rob first played it for me, I was happy to hear my name, because I feel like I earned it after all these years!”

“I remember when I got my first pickup truck,

‘05 with a six-speed on the floor.

Until me and my best friend Jake, yeah, we plunged her in the lake.

Me and him have done some stupid things in the past, that’s for sure.

You may think that I’m crazy,

But before you start judging me,

I’m a hell raiser, young heart breaker, straight shooting son of a gun.

I’m a troublemaker, bottle of Jager on a moonlit Saturday night.

You can find me driving cattle down a snowy mountain side till the day I die.

Yeah, that’s how I live my life.”

“How I Live My Life” was produced by Bold Studio Nashville, mixed by Mark Lonsway and mastered by Mayfield Mastering. Session musicians included Kevin Murphy (drums), Bruce Bouton (steel guitar), Tyler Cain (electric guitar, bass), Jenee Fleenor (fiddle, mandolin), Rob Wolf (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Ty Bailie(keyboard, organ).

Keep up with Rob Wolf on his website and on social platforms Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Stream and download his music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple/iTunes, Pandora, YouTube Music and more. Watch videos on Rob’s YouTube channel.

About Rob Wolf:

Rob Wolfis a rising Nashville artist originally from Livingston, Montana, home of the majestic Paradise Valley. Rob was first bitten by the music bug in school productions and really dug in deep when he found and fell in love with the guitar. Although he always thought he would be a pilot or pursue baseball, Rob’s love of music drove him to pursue a career in Nashville.

Rob pulled on his roots when he made the move to Nashville. At age 15, Rob began playing at coffee shops and at the Sage Lodge in Paradise Valley, where he served as dishwasher. His dishwashing days were quickly over, as his part-time playing led to revolving bookings and a Friday night spot at Sage Lodge. Pulling on 90’s country music covers and a love for John Denver, Rob entertained crowds until he left for Nashville.

There is a common saying amongst Montanans: You can take the boy out of Montana, but you can never take Montana out of the boy. Nothing could be truer for Rob. His fondest memories are those on the river’s edge with a fly rod in his hand, his dad down the bank, and John Denver’s voice floating through the air. Like the song, Home, suggests, Rob left his roots to pursue his dream of being a daily name in the country artist scene. “The outdoors may fuel me, but Music has my soul,” Rob has professed. “Creating and performing good music is my passion and therapy. I write about ordinary life and do my best to make it entertaining and enjoyable.”

“I live by three rules”, Rob says, “love God, love your family, and don’t take anything for granted.” Rob keeps these rules close to his heart and is busy writing and in the recording studio with hopes to deliver a debut album in 2023. His debut single, “Home” was released August 19, 2022, followed up by “Everything to Me” on October 14, 2022. Rob ended the year with one final single release, “For the Best,” on December 16, 2022. In February 2023, Rob released “What’s Yours,” a song about cheating. The next single for 2023 is “How I Live My Life,” with a release date of April 21st.

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