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"Spice" Up Your Holiday Gifting this Year with Pinch Dab Dash!

Starting at $14.95 at

Seeking a unique holiday gift for the food lover in your life? Look no further than Pinch Dab Dash's gourmet spice blend collections, each gift box brimming with 4 meticulously curated spice blend jars, elegantly presented in a beautiful package. This is a perfect gift for both the food aficionado and those just beginning their culinary journey.

These spice blends not only make an exquisite gift but are also a surefire way to enhance the flavors at your holiday party. Let your loved ones dive deep into a world of culinary delight, one pinch at a time!


  • Gourmet Spice Blend Collections

    • Game-Day Collection: Perfect for those Sunday football gatherings or any sports event. Tailgating just got more flavorful! All the spices you need to create all your favorite game day dishes - ribs, burgers, tacos, queso, wings, guacamole, and so much more!

  • Griller's Delight: For the BBQ enthusiasts in your life. Elevate those steaks, veggies, and more with spice blends that will inspire their culinary creativity and elevate their grilling game.

  • Old World Herbs: These four spice blends capture the essence of Old World flavors to make a wide array of classic European dishes, or simply combine with olive oil to make delicious bread dips.

  • Mexican Classics: Designed to transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Mexico! From entrees, salsas, and yummy sides, these blends infuse authentic flavors to make a wide variety of authentic Mexican cuisines that we all love!

  • Globetrotter: Whether you’re new to cooking or a ‘seasoned’ pro, these signature spice blends will have you quickly and easily making some of the most celebrated cuisines from around the world.

  • Choose Your Adventure: Feeling adventurous or don’t like to play by the rules? They’ve got you covered! This collection allows you to select your choice of 4 blends to create a box as unique as the recipient.

This holiday season, make every meal memorable and every gift remarkable with Pinch Dab Dash! Learn more at


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