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NASHVILLE, TN - The Nash News is excited to announce the lineup for their Nash News Takeover series of songwriter shows June 8 through 11 at Assembly Food Hall in downtown Nashville to take place during the CMA Music Festival. The shows are free and indoors. Assembly Food Hall is located within the Fifth & Broadway complex at 5036 Broadway at 5th Avenue. For updates, follow and subscribe to The Nash News at

The Nash News’ Takeover of Assembly Food Hall will feature over 100 rising and independent artists across their North Hall and South Hall stages. Artists will perform 45-minute acoustic sets, or in writer’s round format showcasing original music to festival goers. Returning this year is Country Proud, a collaboration between The Nash News and RNBW Queer Music Collective. Other activities this year include a trivia night and writer’s round hosted by Bigg Vinny, a writer’s round hosted by Women of Country and a set by TikTok star, Country Drummer Girl.

“Being able to work with Assembly Food Hall during CMA Fest weekend has been an honor,” shared Managing Editor at The Nash News, Jena Fowler. “Nashville is filled with a great amount of rising and independent artists, and for us at The Nash News, it is one of our great passions to be able to give them a stage where they can showcase their talent to new audiences.”

Kaitlin Zull, Director of Marketing of The Food Hall Co. said, “The Nash News has been a remarkable partner to Assembly Food Hall over the past year, presenting weekly writer’s rounds and programming musical events. We’re so excited to be working with them during CMA Fest week to provide a platform for emerging voices using our Assembly Food Hall stages, to introduce new music to thousands of visiting country music fans.”

The Nash News Takeover at Assembly Food Hall Lineup

Thursday, June 8, 2023 - North Hall Stage

3:00 PM - Brandon Wisham

4:00 PM - Gavin Lucas

5:00 PM - Perkins Publicity Writer’s Round

7:00 PM - Vinnie Paolizzi

8:00 PM - Rachel Wiggins

Thursday, June 8, 2023 - South Hall Stage

3:00 PM - Women of Country Writer’s Round

5:00 PM - Martin McDaniel

6:00 PM - Mike Thomas

7:00 PM - 90s Country Night Writer’s Round

Friday, June 9, 2023 - North Hall Stage

12:00 PM - July Moon

1:00 PM - Tyra Madison

2:00 PM - Joey Greer

3:00 PM - Jordana Bryant

4:00 PM - Abigail Virginia

5:00 PM - Cody Cozz Takeover Writer’s Round

7:00 PM - 2 Lane Summer

8:00 PM - Joe Haydel

9:00 PM - David Tucker

10:00 PM - Valerie Ponzio

11:00 PM - Marie Wise-Hawkins

Friday, June 9, 2023 - South Hall Stage

12:00 PM - Becca Bowen

1:00 PM - Cort Carpenter

2:00 PM - Harper O’Neill

3:00 PM - Brandon Ratcliff

4:00 PM - Mae Estes

5:00 PM - Maggie Baugh Takeover Writer’s Round

6:00 PM - Country Proud with RNBW Queer Collective

Saturday, June 10, 2023 - North Hall Stage

12:00 PM - Roberta Lea

1:00 PM - Neon Union

2:00 PM - Nikita Karmen

3:00 PM - Joe Noto

4:00 PM - Taylon Hope

5:00 PM - Brooke Moriber

6:00 PM - Laine Lonero

7:00 PM - Rob Wolf

8:00 PM - Parker Graye

9:00 PM - Dallas Remington

10:00 PM - Anna Vaus

Saturday, June 10, 2023 - South Hall Stage

12:00 PM - Chris Moreno Takeover Writer’s Round

2:00 PM - Diamond Dixie Takeover Writer’s Round

4:00 PM - Country Music Trivia with Bigg Vinny

6:00 PM - Nashville Universe Writer’s Round with Bigg Vinny

8:00 PM - Country Drummer Girl

9:00 PM - Country Drummer Girl

10:00 PM - Laura Bryna

11:00 PM - Nicole Alexis

Sunday, June 11, 2023 - North Hall Stage

12:00 PM - Casi Joy

1:00 PM - Angel White

2:00 PM - The Hobbs Sisters

3:00 PM - Mary Heather Hickman

4:00 PM - Reid Haughton

5:00 PM - Chase Mitchell

6:00 PM - Timmy Brown

7:00 PM - Paige King Johnson

Sunday, June 11, 2023 - South Hall Stage

12:00 PM - Mary Kutter

1:00 PM - Royale Lynn

2:00 PM - Pryor Baird

3:00 PM - Charly Reynolds Takeover

4:00 PM - Sasha McVeigh

5:00 PM - Allie Colleen

6:00 PM - On the Verge Writer’s Round Hillary Reese, Nora Tirrell, Eliza Harrison Smith, Liz Jane, Macartney Reinhardt, Re Mattei, Caitlin Mae and Xoë Miles.

About The Nash News:

The Nash News is a digital media company that curates unique experiences and content for country music fans. We share all of the new music releases, tour announcements, festival lineups and post on socials to keep you informed and entertained.In March 2022, The Nash News started hosting events which included a weekly writer’s round at Assembly Food Hall in downtown Nashville. We’re passionate about spreading the word on good country music by curating lineups centered around independent artists and rising talent.


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