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Today, rising rapper and singer 80purppp has released his new EP Je Sais via amuse. The project follows the release of last month’s EP, If Anything, and delves further into the arduous and dynamic journey of a relationship with each track marking a specific point in time from being hopelessly naive to slowly maturing as a relationship develops, changes, and eventually dies.Alongside the release of Je Sais, 80purppp has shared the video for “Cliché?” that gives us a close-up view of some of the most intimate and emotional moments shared between a couple during the initial phases of a relationship.

On Je Sais, 80purppp shares, “This project moves as if a realization of what love actually is, is being made. It starts off with a tone of hopeless naivety, slowly transitioning into a more mature understanding of the concept. Each song marks a specific point in time where the initial concept of love is born, then changes, then dies.”

Throughout Je Sais’ four deeply personal track’s, 80purppp focuses on the idea of how intimacy has changed for him with poetic wordplay and a blend of alternative, lo-fi, jazz, and chill pop elements, yielding a breezy and laidback sonic trip. Delicate monologue “Moira” nestles listeners into a hazy, introspective mood filled with hopeless romanticism along with the wistful “Cliché?” as he pleads for his love to appear. Meanwhile, the slow-burning ambiance of “The Reproach'' captures the emotional blurriness of dealing with a fracturing relationship while the bittersweet “Pan” finds 80purppp leaving his listeners with a hopeful, yet realistic view of what love is.

Conjoining and translating the titles of both EPs, the project reads If Anything, I Know’which shines a light on 80purppp’s intention, sharing his learned experiences up until this point in his life. While If Anything poses ‘what if’ questions tied to the cyclical nature of intimacy as he processes heartache and resentment while attempting to move forward, Je Sais answers those questions, proving to himself that deep down he knew the answers he was always looking for. These records are a testament to 80purppp’s relentless ambition that consistently hypnotizes both his longtime fans and newcomers as he offers a snapshot into his life and continues expanding his artistic identity.

Since emerging in 2018 with his debut single “Betty Cooper,” followed shortly after by his breakthrough Gold certified single “Hex,” and debut 2019 album Violet High, the Alberta-based MC has amassed over 125 million streams across platforms worldwide. 80purppp has garnered media praise from the likes of BBC Radio Canada, Entertainment Tonight Canada, Wonderland, This Song Is Sick, Ones To Watch, Spindle Magazine, Lyrical Lemonade, and more along with support from Spotify’s New Music Friday, Alternative Hip Hop, and Radar Canada playlists as he continues to solidify his name as one of the most avant-garde artists in the hip-hop and alternative scenes.


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