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Adam Mac Hits Number One with Debut Music Video “Disco Cowboy” on CMT Music

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Rising country artist Adam Mac is celebrating the success of his debut music video for “Disco Cowboy” as it sits atop the CMT Music 12-Pack Countdown. Bringing the groove to CMT, the 70s-inspired track is the first release from Mac’s forthcoming album of the same name due out next year. Watch the chart-topping music video here.

Mac has caught fire with the avant-garde video that pairs funky group choreography, plenty of glitter and some perfectly placed hand claps to create the ultimate disco hideaway. Directed by Mac and Robby Stevens, the video was a dream come true for the LGBTQ+ singer. “I would watch CMT music videos on Saturday mornings and not only think I could never be where I am right now but I also never had someone like me on my tv screen that could make me feel seen,” shares Mac. “I am so proud of what Robby and I were able to capture in this video. It really does amplify the essence of this song. It shows how it just takes one authentic person to live their truth so loud and in color, and the ripple effect that has on the people around you.”

Born Adam Mcphaill in small-town Russellville, KY, he was raised on ‘90s country and gospel music, often being bribed by his mother to sing during Sunday service. His sound has also been heavily influenced by pop legends such as Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, who changed the trajectory of his style and desire to perform. Mac had always had a love of words and poems growing up, but not until the passing of his best childhood friend at 18 did he learn the power of songwriting. It wasn’t long after that he packed up and moved to Nashville. Infusing his rural Kentucky roots with grit, soul and blues to create a sound that is uniquely his own, it is clear that Mac has carved out his own space in the country genre with a bright future on the horizon.

Fans can continue to vote for “Disco Cowboy” here.

Stream “Disco Cowboy” here.

Watch “Disco Cowboy” here.

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