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NASHVILLE, TENN. - (August 19, 2022) -On the rise country music singer/songwriter, Allie Colleen, has announced the release of her new thought-provoking and emotional single, “Feels Like.” Penned by Allie Colleen and Kimberly Atwood, the uplifting new love song is bursting with relatable descriptions expressing how it feels being with that special someone. The new music has been well received by fans at live performances who have connected with the lyrics as it has proven to touch listeners' hearts and bring back special moments in their own lives and creating a bond between Allie and her ever-growing fan base.

“Feels Like” is available today on all digital music platforms, including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube Music and more for streaming and digital download at

“I've always wanted a love song that I could live out when I sang it. For me, every single memory, every single recount in this song comes from a very special place in my life when I felt more loved than I've ever felt,” reflects Allie Colleen. ”In my case, of course, almost every memory is a childhood memory or a memory with friends or family, not so much romantic memories, except one, but that's up to the interpreter."

Allie added, “I like to think that if you can find a romantic partner that makes you feel just as good as your parents did as a child or just as good as comfort food after a night out, you've really found something, and I hope that this song makes you think of somebody.”

“Feels Like” was co-produced by Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann and Cody LaBelle in Nashville, TN.

“Fresh sheets out of the dryer

Mommas hands in my hair

That first smell of spring on that chilly

winter air

Wakin up soon as you pull into the drive

But fakin your asleep until daddy carries you


That’s what it feels like

Every time you slip your hand in mine

Waking up to that first sunrise

Knowing I could hold you for the rest of our lives

It ‘ain’t never getting old

Just getting better with time

That’s what loving you feels like...”

Stay current with everything Allie Colleen on her website: Follow Allie Colleen on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube Channel for the latest videos.

Music is available on all digital platforms, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music and Amazon Music.

About Allie Colleen:

Allie Colleen is an artist, singer and songwriter who stretches the boundaries of music genres with her music style that defines how life shaped her, alongside the personal lyrics and transparency in both her vocals and performance. She released her well-received debut album, Stones in 2021. A passion for singing and songwriting since a young age has garnered her a reputation of being a notable songwriter with an iconic-sounding voice. An impeccably strong voice with hints of timeless tradition falls between classic country and the emerging country sound. The room never fails to silence as Allie Colleen begins to sing about the layers of love and heartbreak that have shaped her. Some of her newest songs bring witty lyrics and a connection to the song unlike most today. Allie Colleen is no stranger to the music industry and is a Belmont University graduate from Owasso, Oklahoma with a style that is truly her own. One of her original songs, “Close Enough,” garnered over 715k views on YouTube while attending college, and her social media following has continued to increase every year. Her passionate drive and innovative vision set her apart from her peers, resulting in her music and videos going viral on the internet, even capturing the attention of media and proving that her audience is captive and waiting for her next song. Persistently working to hone her skills along-side industry professionals, and performing at venues both around Nashville and touring on the road to national and international venues garners Allie Colleen a growing fan base. Allie Colleen’s debut single, “Work In Progress” defines the life that’s shaped her with personal lyrics and transparency in both the vocals and delivery and was a sweet sentiment regarding her introduction to the Music Industry co-written with hit songwriter Marcus Hummon and well known studio engineer Greg Beick. Her debut album, Stones, was released Nov 26, 2021 with a digital release celebration and a Freak Show take-over at The Local in Nashville. The performance live stream of the show had over 21K viewers on release day of the album and 97.3K combined streams on Spotify. Allie's empowering single, “Halos and Horns,” produced by country stars Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann was released May 6, 2022. Her new single, “Feels Like” became available to digital music platforms on August 19, 2022.

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