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Alt-Pop Country Artist, Austin, Wears His Heart on His Sleeve with Debut Release “Way Too Much”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Following his passion and boldly stepping into the unknown, alt-pop country artist Austin is forging his own path with the release of his debut single, “Way Too Much,” available today Friday, December 1. Co-written by Austin, Brooks Hoffman, Mason Thornley and Matt Geroux, the song delves deep into heartbreak and the memories that linger after a relationship comes to an end. Sonically, the song draws inspiration from pop, punk and indie bands, all while staying true to Austin’s country roots. Listen to “Way Too Much” here

“‘Way Too Much’ is about a past relationship of mine that ended up going south. There were a few months after the break-up where every time I went out I found myself at last call still hung up on the past,” Austin shared with Got Country. “That time of my life influenced this song heavily. I know a lot of other people know this feeling all too well, so I wanted to write this to say I’ve been there too.”

Produced by Matt Geroux, “Way Too Much” gives a subtle nod to a few of Austin’s influences such as Machine Gun Kelly, Rascal Flatts and HARDY. The melody and lyrics work in harmony to convey a bittersweet message, making it a relatable and cathartic track to anyone who's gone through a similar experience. 

I’ve been missing you way too much

Hearing last call way too much

I’ve been letting your memory get ahold of me

Telling me that I need your touch

Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and a graduate of Murray State University, Austin found early inspiration in the radio leading to involvement in church choir and theater throughout school. With early encouragement from his High School choir teacher, he focused on performing over baseball as he headed to college. After writing and performing an original song his freshman year at MSU, Austin began building his fanbase and plans for the future. After moving to Nashville, Austin went on to sign with Morris Higham for management and in 2023 signed an exclusive publishing deal with Round Hill Music. With additional new music slated for 2024, Austin is stepping forward, knowing the best is yet to come with music as authentic as he is. 

Stream/Purchase “Way Too Much” HERE

Watch the Performance Video for “Way Too Much” HERE

Keep up with Austin onInstagram,TikTokandFacebook.


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