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Becca Bowen Shines in Brand New Music Video “Glitter”

Nashville, Tenn. – Country artist Becca Bowen is embracing her sparkle in the brand new music video for her original song, “Glitter” which premiered exclusively with Circle All Access. The empowering song is highlighted with stunning visuals, directed by esteemed director Ford Fairchild, who has worked with the likes of Reba, Darius Rucker, Danielle Bradbery, and more. Showered in glitter with Becca’s dazzling personality on full display, the video truly captures the meaningful message behind the song. Watch the music video for “Glitter” here.

I had a vision for the music video for Glitter to be empowering,” Becca shared earlier this week with Circle All Access, “I have been the girl who forgot her worth and lost sight of who I was at one point in my life. Creating this video I wanted to show the strength in discovering that just because you may be different or don’t fit in a certain mold doesn’t mean you are less than. It just means you are unique.”

Bowen’s glamorous, Southern Belle exterior mixed with her bold and tomboyish personality and a love for the outdoor lifestyle prove the South Carolina native proudly lives up to her endearing nickname, “Country Barbie'' which was first given to her by her passionate fanbase. Bowen exudes confidence in who she is - welcoming the juxtaposition of her look and personality, as showcased in the authenticity of her music. In 2020, Bowen released her debut single, “Love It, Leave It,” and was invited to compete in the Outdoor Channel’s popular reality show, For Love or Likes. She was named the winner of Season 5 in 2021, garnering a rapidly growing following and fanbase online, all eager for more music from the emerging star. With a multitude of singles released in 2022 including the unapologetic “Who I Am,” a female empowering anthem, “Glitter,” and “How It All Went Down,” as well as her debut album Like You’ve Never Been Loved, Bowen credits country music greats before her for her musical inspiration, including Dolly Parton, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain, and Reba McEntire.

The highly anticipated music video release for fan-favorite track, “Glitter,” has certainly set the stage for her authentic artistry in 2023 as Becca continues to captivate viewers with her vocal strength and vulnerable music.

Watch the music video for “Glitter” here.

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