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Caroline Kid Makes Up Her Mind with Debut Single “Wyoming”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising Country singer-songwriter Caroline Kid is putting her name on the map with the release of her debut single, “Wyoming” out today, Friday, August 26. Blending together a mix of Americana and roots with modern pop-country, Caroline’s influences are on full display in the hypnotic melody of the new song. Listen to “Wyoming” here.

Possibly best described as easy-listening, “Wyoming” paints the picture of lost summer love based on a true story. Written by Caroline, the tune is a clear signal of what’s to come from her self-titled debut EP due out September 16. The six-song endeavor realizes a dream planted many years ago for Caroline when she made the trip to Nashville from her then-home in Oregon.

“I’ve wanted to release this song for a long time, but knew I needed the stars to align to do it right,” she shared with Stage Right Secrets in the exclusive premiere yesterday. “Watching the transformation of this song go from chicken scratches in my journal to a full production with studio musicians is surreal. I feel so lucky my passion for this song survived 6 crazy years and that I am able to share it with the world.”

After years of writer’s rounds and local shows, Caroline honed in on her knack for story-driven lyrics and effortless vocal ability. By crafting a distinctive sound and creative melodies, Caroline has carved out a niche within the ever-changing genre. As she continues to charm listeners with her infectious songs, it’s clear that her strong debut is just the beginning.

About Caroline Kid:

Caroline Kid has always been a dreamer. Growing up outside of Des Moines, Iowa, the singer/songwriter recognized a knack for music and performing early on. However, as often the case, life took many different paths before finally pointing her to Nashville. Now six years into a “ten year town,” Caroline has found her voice and is ready to share her debut single “Wyoming” from a larger EP project due out this Fall containing all self-penned songs. Named a semi-finalist in Tennessee Songwriters Week 2022, it is clear Caroline has put in the work needed to launch a successful career. With her next adventure on the horizon, Caroline embraces the time spent honing her craft. “I’ve been keeping this project close to my chest for so long that these songs are beginning to rattle inside of me like a cage. These songs are the real me.”

Listen to “Wyoming” HERE

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