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Caroline Kid Soars on Self-Titled Debut EP, Available Today

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising singer-songwriter Caroline Kid is celebrating the release of her debut EP Caroline Kid today, Friday, September 16. With three previously released singles including her debut, fan-favorite “Wyoming” and three brand new tracks, the EP is a self-proclaimed “20-minute road trip” guaranteed to leave listeners begging for more from this breakout artist. Listen to the EP on all streaming platforms now.

The project, which has already garnered support from CMT, ACM and many more, solidifies her arrival in the country/Americana space. Written in its entirety by Caroline, the EP features six original songs that evoke a multitude of emotions embedded in laid-back melodies, crisp vocals and clever, heartfelt lyrics. Progressing from the somber “Do I Miss The Rain” to the light-hearted “Love Is Messy,” Caroline manages to convey an optimistic spirit even from the depths of heartbreak.

As she shared in a video on her social platforms, the project is the culmination of many many years of hard work. “I started recording it in January,” she stated. “I started writing it six years ago and lord knows my daydreams of being an artist go back a lot farther than that.” With a lifelong dream fulfilled, Caroline is setting her sights on creating more music that showcases her all-too relatable lyrics and vocal range as well as connecting with her rapidly growing fanbase. “My challenge now is finding out who my songs were made for,’ Caroline says, “maybe it’s you.”

Caroline Kid Tracklisting:

  1. “Do I Miss The Rain”

  2. “Wyoming”

  3. “Static”

  4. “Weather”

  5. “Nothing But You”

  6. “Love Is Messy”

About Caroline Kid: Caroline Kid has always been a dreamer. Growing up outside of Des Moines, Iowa, the singer/songwriter recognized a knack for music and performing early on. However, as often the case, life took many different paths before finally pointing her to Nashville. Now six years into a “ten year town,” Caroline has found her voice and is ready to share her debut single “Wyoming” from a larger EP project due out this Fall containing all self-penned songs. Named a semi-finalist in Tennessee Songwriters Week 2022, it is clear Caroline has put in the work needed to launch a successful career. With her next adventure on the horizon, Caroline embraces the time spent honing her craft. “I’ve been keeping this project close to my chest for so long that these songs are beginning to rattle inside of me like a cage. These songs are the real me.”

Listen to the EP HERE

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