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Charlie Berry Praises Hometown Benchmarks in "It's Still Here"

NASHVILLE, TNCharlie Berry issues a reminder that while people change, some places stay the same in his new single “It’s Still Here.” You can’t go back but you can always go home, and Charlie Berry is hometown-reminiscing in his upcoming single, releasing September 23.

‘It’s Still Here’ is like the other side of the coin from out of sight out of mind. It’s about going back to Dallas years after I moved to Nashville and seeing all the places I used to hang out,” the music aficionado recalls. “I grew up in Dallas and then I played football at SMU, so I can’t go anywhere in that town without remembering a story, a friend, or something that shaped who I am.”

Before his multifaceted career as not just a solo country artist, but a background vocalist (Cassadee Pope, Levi Hummon, Josh Thompson), songwriter (CJ Solar, Matt Jordan), and producer, Berry was just a guy with a dream and guitar, and he reflects on his hometown days. Whether it’s ‘glory days’ or monumental moments, “It’s Still Here” fuels youthful recollections as Charlie Berry recalls being young, wild and free in an upbeat, nostalgic manner.

Charlie Berry had a hand in everything for "It's Still Here," including creating the artwork himself. The song will be available on all streaming platforms September 23. For more onCharlie Berry, visit and follow him on social media @charlieberrymusic.

About Charlie Berry:

Lyricist, country artist, producer, background vocalist – Charlie Berry has several titles, and all showcase his innate musical talent. With life as his music, his modern take on country music is given depth through his intricate, honest, "truth-revealing style of songwriting" (Raised Rowdy). Kickstarting his artistic career as part of the band Mockingbird Sun, Charlie gained experience opening for legends such as Toby Keith, Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney. He proceeded to perform background vocals for artists including Cassadee Pope, Levi Hummon and Josh Thompson, and pin songs for CJ Solar among others. In his own artist career, he has seen features in high-profile publications, such as Taste of Country, and continues to leave a mark with relatable, radio-worthy tracks. For more on Charlie Berry, visit and follow him @charlieberrymusic on social media.


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