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Country Artist & Activist Jenna DeVries Releases Female Empowerment Anthem "Self Made Man"

June 2nd, 2023 (Nashville, TN): Jenna DeVries releases new female empowerment anthem "Self Made Man," just in time to celebrate Pride.

Jenna DeVries is better than ever with her new single, “Self Made Man.” With songs in the country, pop, and rock categories, Jenna proves once again that her fiery voice and powerful songwriting can mend genres seamlessly. “Self Made Man” is an anthem for any woman who has built a man’s empire without any acknowledgment. I don’t want to watch one more woman be forced to sacrifice her life for someone else’s convenience. The song 'Self Made Man' was inspired by the level of anger I feel about men in power trying to control women’s bodies. Every human being on this planet is here because a woman carried them into it. This song is an anthem and a reminder that in our broken, patriarchal society, there really are no 'self-made' men. They have built empires on the back of women’s sacrifice. I think it is more important than ever to remind women how powerful they are! Women put up with so much abuse. My whole life I watched my Mom give and give and give until she had nothing left for herself. The cycle ends with us. I hope women hear this song and are inspired to take back their power and break the chains of abuse and misogyny that have held them down for far too long.” - Jenna DeVries As a queer country artist, Jenna is no stranger to forging her own path and pushing boundaries. With the rock instrumentation, playful bass, and lead guitar counter-melody, you can’t help but bang your head with Jenna as she belts, “There ain't no such thing as a self made man."

A Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Jenna DeVries’ voice has been described as soulful and affecting and has already made a powerful connection with millions. She is among the elite handful of artists to make it to American Idol's Top 24 on the farewell season and was previously named as one of NSAI's Songwriters To Watch. Also, on America's Got Talent, she earned three separate standing ovations from both the judges and the audience. Jenna DeVries' ability to tell stories through music began as a child and has carried her around the world.

Starting with a country sound, DeVries found herself pulled into the pop genre when she first came out of the closet. As an openly LGBTQ artist, DeVries found pop music was the right outlet to be loud and proud when she needed it most. During the worldwide pandemic, DeVries spent hours at the piano getting back to her roots - writing country music. Jenna’s upcoming EPs telling the story of moving to Nashville, coming out, losing her family, and finally stepping into her power.

Jenna's recent single, "Daddy's Little Heart Attack," was featured on and was added to the Next Women of Country playlist, and was seen on Wide Open Country's "6 New Country Songs You Need to Hear This Week" list. Adam Mac and Jenna's version of "Unholy" was also featured with Wide Open Country on the same list. Jenna’s most recent single, “Chapel,” a duet with Adam Mac, was voted number 1 on the CMT Music 12-Pack Countdown for two weeks in a row. She's also racked up over 1 million streams on Spotify alone from songs such as "Drunk Girls" with Harper Grae which was championed by People Country and CMT.

Jenna made her infamous Whiskey Jam debut this week.

Jenna recently launched The Outlaw Collective, a showcase series held monthly to spotlight LGBTQ+ artists in the country and alternative genres.


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