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May 22, 2024 (Nashville, TN)  Country Singer-Songwriter Bree Jaxson's latest track, "Won Now," is a fiery pop country ballad of self-empowerment and rejuvenation post-breakup. It's a song that encapsulates the transition from loss to personal triumph with each lyric resonating the essence of finding strength in solitude.

The song opens with a poignant verse that immediately captures the bitterness of betrayal. Jaxson paints a vivid picture of a love lost, not to fate but to deliberate disloyalty. The imagery of a former lover "laughing with his friends" and the intimate memories shared in "those sheets" sets a narrative that is both relatable and raw.

The chorus is a powerhouse of vocal emotion. Jaxson questions her ex's current situation, hinting at regret and the irreplaceable void left by her absence. The lines "Does she touch your skin, lay you on the counter" and "But baby in your mind, you’ll regret her" showcase Jaxson's ability to blend sensuality with a sharp sting of sarcasm. It’s a declaration that even though he thinks he’s won, he’s lost much more than he realizes.

Verse 2 and the subsequent chorus elevate the song's theme of moving on. Jaxson reflects on her ex’s decision to return to a past relationship, suggesting it lacks the color and passion they once shared. This progression from hurt to scorn is beautifully depicted with lines like "How boring it must be when you're surrounded, a world full of grey, it's always cloudy."

The bridge and the latter choruses turn the tables completely, giving Jaxson the ultimate victory. Here, she isn't just surviving; she's thriving, reveling in a new relationship that outshines the past. The repeated lines in Chorus #2 and #3, "We’re having so much fun while we’re in the shower," and "I touch his skin, lay him on the counter," serve as bold affirmations of her newfound happiness and liberation.

"Won Now" stands out as a testament to Jaxson's vocal prowess and her knack for storytelling through music. This song doesn't just tell a story of breakup and recovery; it celebrates the fierce independence and sensuality that comes from realizing one's own worth and moving beyond the shadows of past relationships.

As Jaxson herself puts it, the song is a "celebration of empowerment and sensuality proving love's loss was my gain." Indeed, "Won Now" is not just a track but an experience of transformation, making it a must-listen for anyone who's found strength on the other side of heartache.


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