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Country Artist Noelle Toland Wants To Empower Listeners With Bold New Single LIMBO

NASHVILLE, TENN. – Nashville based singer/songwriter Noelle Toland is venturing out into a captivating new sound and showing off her dynamic style in her new single LIMBO. This song is available on all digital streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Noelle takes a powerful approach to a universal experience in LIMBO. Her latest single tells the story of someone who feels like they’re being strung along in a relationship, and while grappling with the fear of the unknown, decides to take a stand and lay their cards out on the table. Rejection may hurt but being in a state of limbo is ultimately worse and more painful in the long term. This is a song about taking back your power and not wasting time on someone who won’t give you any of theirs. “The moral of the story of LIMBO is universal and I’m certain everyone who listens can take away something from it,” Noelle says. “If a situation in your life has you in a holding pattern, walk away. You don’t want to be in a state of limbo. There’s no way around it. Get your boots on and hit the road.”

Written by Noelle and Chris Condon (Billy Ray Cyrus’ musical director and guitarist), who also cowrote her single Sun Will Rise, LIMBO delves into a more classic country sound. This single is full of moxie and a sense of toughness that the artist was excited to explore. “I believe this to be true in any case in life, whether it be romantic or not; depending on someone else’s whims can be debilitating and incredibly frustrating. I think the greatest power in life is the ability to walk away from something that isn’t serving you and that is the essence of LIMBO,” she shares. With classic pedal steel guitar elements melding with Noelle’s soaring falsetto vocals, this single sets the tone of her upcoming EP, slated to be released this Spring.

To stay up-to-date on her latest releases and upcoming events, visit Noelle Toland at her website and follow along with her on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

About Noelle Toland: This passionately captivating country artist modernizes and personalizes old-school country music into her own sound and niche. While many assume the genre’s audience is limited exclusively to the south, Noelle Toland, who hails from a 2,000-person vineyard town in North Plains, Oregon is proof that that simply isn’t true. As an only child, Noelle used to perform around the house for her Wheaton Terrier, Max, just dancing around and being silly. But upon joining kindergarten choir at the budding age of five, she already knew exactly where she was meant to be.

She is an accomplished actress with roles in several films, movies and TV shows including a stint in Criminal Minds. By returning to her roots and revisiting the music of her youth, Noelle created the unique alchemy of her upcoming EP, a blend of 90’s country and seductive soul music. This forthcoming record will capture the earthiness and electricity of classic country music with staple instruments like pedal steel and contributions from legendary musicians. Her last release Sun Will Rise received critically-acclaimed praise and the official music video was immediately added to the playlist rotation on The Country Network. She has been featured in numerous publications and even received a nomination for Country Evolution’s Artist To Watch. Her debut I Want To See You Again, featured prominent musicians including Grammy award-winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Steve Cropper.


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