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NASHVILLE, TENN. - (March 11, 2022) - Rising Country Songwriter and Performing Artist, Dallas Remington pulls no punches with her new single, “Dirty Roses.” Valentine’s is over, all of the chocolate has been eaten and most of the flowers have died. Dallas Remington has released a song for all of those whose happy, loving relationships and Cupid-induced infatuations have since died as well. "You've been playing in the mud and everybody knows it, so don't give me no ”Dirty Roses.” This almost punk rock-country song is an upbeat, fierce anthem telling all of those cheaters and bad guys to get lost. “Dirty Roses” was co-written by Nancy Deckantand Eric Mallona and Dallas Remington. The gritty and assertive song was recorded at Claw Sound Studios, produced by Corey Lawson and mastered by Harold Larue Mastering.

Dave Ryan played drums and percussion on the project, while Corey Lawson provided bass, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, keys and background vocals. “Dirty Roses” is available on all digital streaming and download platforms at

“Are you sorry, or just sorry you got caught?

You want forgiveness, but that’s somethin’ I ain’t got

Did you really think I, would never find you out

No 2-for-3, cheap apology will ever help you now

So don’t give me no dirty roses

Buddy your door is closin’

They ain’t pretty enough, to ever cover up, the damage that you’ve done

There Ain’t no second chances

Say hello to your consequences

You been playing in the mud and everybody knows it

Don’t give me no dirty roses

I ain’t sorry that I hate the color red

Just like us they’re meaningless and soon they’ll be dead

Cause you’re the one, the one who dug the grave

Even if I tried, to keep ‘em alive, thorns cut anyway…”

“Sometimes being good doesn’t make up for being bad and that’s exactly what we wanted to say when we wrote ‘Dirty Roses!’ This song is so fun live and our studio band captured that perfectly with this almost punk-rock country anthem! Y’all crank it up!” exclaimed Dallas Remington.

Co-writer Nancy Deckant shared, “When we were working on the song, I remember thinking, ‘Sometimes there are things you just need to say without worrying about how it comes out.’ Thank you ‘Dirty Roses’ for showing up in the writer’s room today. You came to the right place.”

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Dallas Remington music is available on all digital platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music.

About Dallas Remington:

Dallas Remington has sass and class. A country recording artist and songwriter who knows who she is and what she wants. The Kentucky-born, fifth-generation farming family member took the plunge and moved to Nashville at the age of 15 to pursue her dreams of a country music career. In 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Dallas released “Uncommon Man” a song dedicated to her father and all essential employees. It has since crossed 700k organic streams on Spotify alone and charted #43 on the Billboard Country Indicator Chart as well as #24 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart and #4 on the CDX True Indie Chart! A Dallas Remington performance includes a variety of songs, from her originals like “Uncommon Man,” “Found Her Freedom," (MusicRow Breakout Chart Top 60), "Never Turned Around"(#37 MusicRow Breakout Chart), "Boy In A Band” (#41 MusicRow Breakout Chart), and “Huntin' Season” (#32 MusicRow Breakout Chart & #9 CDX True Indie.) Pre-pandemic, Dallas played an average of 100+ shows and events a year, including solo and full band sets. Dallas and her band closed out the 2020 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo just a few days before the Covid shutdown. In 2021, Dallas released her first Billboard Indicator top 40, “Princess,” which also landed in the top 40 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart. In addition to her radio airplay she enjoyed the success of over a million views of the supporting video and her first CMT feature. In addition to her radio single, Dallas also released “American Soil,” “Wild In The Woods,” "On Night Rodeo" and her countrified cover of the Metallica signature song, “Enter Sandman,” to all digital platforms in 2021. Watch for Dallas on the road in 2022 and get ready for more new music coming your way!

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