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Daisy Draper Shares New Single "ANXIOUS!"

AUGUST 19th, 2022 | Los Angeles, CA - Pop powerhouse Daisy Draper has released her new single "ANXIOUS!", available on all digital streaming platforms NOW. Daisy Draper stands out from other artists by blending teachings of spirituality with dance pop music. As the pioneer of her genre, “spiritual pop,” Draper creates a distinctive sound and platform to help others enjoy becoming their most authentic version of self. Written about the process of overcoming anxiety, "ANXIOUS!" is a cool, sleek mix of various pop tones, and addresses the constructs of mental health in a bold way.

About the single, Daisy states: “ANXIOUS!” is about the very real “waves” of anxiety that try to overtake us, especially when it comes to attachment styles and dating. Relationships bring up all sorts of unresolved woundings that want our attention and love. Writing this song was a cathartic experience, as it helped me unravel the underlying reasons why anxiety was a prevalent emotion for me. My message for this song is this: by acknowledging the root reasons as to why we routinely experience certain emotions or attachment styles, we can then become mindful when these feelings arise, therefore creating a practice that helps us return back to ourselves.

Daisy Draper is an artist based in Los Angeles, California who merges spirituality and wellness with pop music. Through her blend of healing and entertaining, she helps people enjoy becoming their most authentic selves. Draper began her career in late 2018 after serving six years in the United States Army. During her time in the service, she was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease, her fight against which is one of her inspirations for her music. After overcoming her chronic illness through emotional healing, holistic health, and spiritual practices, Draper is eager to share the benefit of her experience with others through her social media platforms and her music.

As a shaman and sound healer, Draper seeks to make spirituality more “mainstream” and accessible. Through the sincere vulnerability in her lyrics, dreamy melodies, and atmospheric synths, Draper has mastered her pop sound. However, with her extensive background in holistic healing modalities such as shadow and inner child work, Draper has become the pioneer of what she calls “Spiritual Pop”. Spiritual pop is a genre in which the song’s lyrics and emotional temperature inspire others to embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation. With her new genre, Draper creates a path to help people step into their personal truth, wisdom and divinity.



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