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Dane Louis Raises a Glass to Drunken Nights & Sobering Realities in New Single

NASHVILLE, TN – Alcohol is an aphrodisiac and Dane Louis can't get enough in his January 19 single, "Whiskey Wears Off." Distilled in country-rock and infused with robust vocals, “Whiskey Wears Off” tells the tale of two whiskey-soaked lovers and one harsh reality – “when the whiskey wears off,” so will that love.

"'Whiskey Wears Off' is one of the most honest songs about those wild nights out drinking where you wake up in the morning and start trying to validate your actions from the night before,"Dane confesses of the undeniable jam. "This isn't a fluff song worried about what anyone thinks about it. We didn't spare the horses to tell the cold, hard honest truth."

Intoxicating nights and sobering realizations, you can either pretend it didn't happen or you can own it; and after sneaking back home at 5am, Dane Louis owned it in the only way he knows how – he wrote a song. The product of five minutes of holding a guitar and chicken scratch writing, "Whiskey Wears Off" clicked and became his most-requested song at live shows.

"Whiskey Wears Off" releases to all digital streaming platforms on January 19. For more on Dane Louis, visit


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