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Dariann Leigh Showcases Artistic Dexterity with "Leave"

NASHVILLE, TN – Deliberate in detail while possessing an allure of adaptability, Dariann Leigh shows her versatility as a songwriter, creator and artist in her brand new single, "Leave"available everywhere now.

Not only was the track praised by NYOTA Magazine saying, "it's sure to play in your head on repeat," but has also been featured by Apple Music on their country music Best New Songs list as well as their Country: Hot Tracks playlist.

A fan of the vulnerable, introspective tracks of Miranda Lambert and Carly Pearce, Dariann Leigh paints her own image of emotional and psychological amenability in "Leave." Written from a diffident place in the closing of a chapter, "Leave" details the in between – not the next chapter, but a time of reckoning. Though a picture of self-confidence and empowerment, Dariann exposes the paradox of defenselessness and uncertainty.

"Leave" is now available on all platforms, along with the newly-released lyric video: For more on Dariann Leigh, including upcoming tour dates, behind-the-scenes and more, follow @dariannleigh on social media and visit

About Dariann Leigh:

Dariann Leigh is infatuating; all things to all people. She is effervescent yet reserved, accessible and unobtainable, red carpet glam and camo in a tree stand. Combining big city beauty with small town humility, Dariann may take on many appearances, but one thing is for sure – she is resilient and wholeheartedly herself, making her a role model for the upcoming generation.

From her one-stop town in Karlstad, MN (Population 713), Dariann captured the star power of the original women of country music from lyrics bleeding through static-filled radios and scratched CDs; even in the middle of nowhere, those melodies set the scene for a dream that would ultimately define the course of her entire life. She doesn’t just want to make music, she wants to write the soundtrack for hairbrush singers, dashboard drummers and air guitar players everywhere.

"As a kid," says Leigh, "I remember closing my eyes, plugging my headphones in and listening to tracks that ended up being the theme songs to my daydreams. I want to be that artist for someone else."

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