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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 3, 2022) -- Discover Sooner, the company seeking to accelerate attention of publishers to songwriters, has announced the Publisher Writer Experience with Christina Wiltshire and Will Overton with songwriter applications due on January 9, 2022. The innovative three month mentoring and songwriting program is aimed at songwriters and artists. Participants will choose which A&R Director they wish to work with. Details at The interactive program helps songwriters improve their skills under direction of a publisher that advises some of the most commercially successful writers in the world. Because leading publishing companies are extremely selective about who they choose to work with, developing relationships can literally take years. The Publisher Writer Experience accelerates the introduction, and relationships between publisher and writer unfold naturally over time. Christina Wilshire says, “If you are a songwriter or artist trying to break into this crazy industry, I want to hear from you! There’s so much undiscovered talent out there, it’s your time to be heard!” Both Christina Wiltshire and Will Overton are an integral part of the music industry, helping artists and songwriters alike find success through their music. At Warner Chappell Nashville, Christina oversees a diverse multi-genre group of writers and catalogs. Will Overton is responsible for scouting, developing, and signing new acts. About Christina Wiltshire: Christina Wiltshire is Director A&R at Warner Chappell Nashville, where she oversees a diverse multi-genre group of writers and catalogs. Prior to WC, Christina was a Creative Coordinator for Patrick Joseph Music and Sea Gayle Music’s creative team responsible for pitching songs, managing writer calendars and actively seeking new talent.  About Will Overton: Will Overton is Director A&R Warner Chappell Music Nashville. Overton signs new acts and develops established acts on the company’s roster. Overton has been part of Warner Chappell Music since 2015. Prior to Warner Chappell, Overton worked at DropTine Music. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Masters in Management Studies from Duke University. About Sooner: Sooner LLC ( helps songwriters, artists and producers meet and build relationships with publishers and music industry professionals. Songwriters post their music, career accomplishments and key business criteria and publishers connect when they want to meet. Learn more at https://www.discoversooner.comFacebook, Instagram & TikTok @discoversooner.


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