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Drew Haley Debuts Emotional Music Video for "A Good Woman"

December 13, 2021 (Nashville, TN): Drew Haley's emotional and heartwarming music video for her latest single "A Good Woman" has officially debuted just in time for the holidays.

Drew Haley's heart is permanently on her sleeve, but her latest single allows listeners into her childhood and her relationship with her mother. With a singer-songwriter flair and her signature lush vocals, Haley paints a vivid picture of her loving mother's sacrifices and lessons that the singer has carried with her throughout her life.

Through home videos, our hearts burst as we get glimpses of Haley’s ordinary yet beautiful childhood. These nostalgic moments are interspersed with shots of Haley today, reflecting on the impact her mother, Laura, has had on her. From the perspective of a daughter who was given a life full of love, "A Good Woman" fuses nostalgia with gratefulness. Despite all the sacrifices Laura made as a single mother, Haley’s lyrics reflect on the unconditional love she felt throughout her life. As the chorus states, "nothing compares to the heart of a mother," and the raw footage used in the music video is palpably heartfelt.

In addition to such meaningful lyrics, Haley’s voice helps tell the story with her soothing tone and effortless runs. The simplistic instrumentation and light angelic background vocals add another layer of tenderness to the story. "A Good Woman" acts as a quiet voice that silences surrounding chaos and demands to be listened to. It will have everyone picking up the phone to call or driving across town to hug the special people in their lives. "I truly enjoyed making the video “A Good Woman” with James McGettrick. I loved how we were able to incorporate old video footage of myself and my mother, Laura. She was the inspiration behind this song and project," says Haley.

As 2021 comes to a close, Drew Haley reminds us to be grateful for the people who have shaped us into the people we are today. After the challenges and trials Haley has faced as a woman and mother, she has come full circle with "A Good Woman" and its touching message.


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