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NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Country music superstar Eddie Montgomery has released the deluxe edition of his debut solo album Ain’t No Closing Me Down via Average Joes Entertainment. The 15-track project salutes his lost Montgomery Gentry bandmate, Troy Gentry, who was tragically killed in a helicopter crash in 2017, paying respect to Troy’s fabled music career and authentic character. The deluxe features three tracks never-before-sold on physical CD, “Price of Fame” featuring Tracy Lawrence, “You Piss Me All The Way Off,” and “Be Cowboy” (PBR Anthem). The 15-track CD is being sold exclusively at Walmart and is available in stores and online now!

Following the release of Ain’t No Closing Me Down Deluxe Edition, Eddie wants to “give it up for the guys on the clock” with his upcoming single titled “Thank A Beer Drinker” written by Wynn Varble, David Lee, and Don Poythress. The track commends blue-collar workers around the world and highlights their essentiality to our society and infrastructure. “Thank A Beer Drinker” is due for release on Friday, November 4th on all digital platforms.

Ain't No Closing Me Down (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist * indicates new addition 1. Ain't No Closing Me Down 2. Alive And Well 3. My Son 4. That's The Kind of Man I Am 5. Higher ft. Tanya Tucker 6. Play That Game 7. Kickin' It Up 8. She Just Loves Me 9. Sounds Like A Tuesday 10. You Piss Me All The Way Off * 11. Cry Whiskey 12. Ain't She Beautiful 13. Somewhere South 14. Be Cowboy (PBR Anthem) * 15. Price of Fame ft. Tracy Lawrence *

To keep up with everything Eddie Montgomery, visit his website and follow his social channels linked below.

About Eddie Montgomery: By tragic circumstance a solo artist, Eddie always feels the presence of Troy Gentry, his honky-tonking partner back to the days they played for beer or a chunk of flesh at a pig roast near their eastern Kentucky roots. The man who was always accompanied with Eddie on stage and immersed in the soul of his first solo album is his long-time partner, Troy Gentry, who died Sept. 8, 2017, in a helicopter crash that could have put a tragic end to Montgomery Gentry sound. Since then, Eddie has dedicated his music career to honoring his fallen bandmate and keeping the beloved Montgomery Gentry sound alive. His debut solo album Ain’t No Closing Me Down was released late 2021 via Average Joes Entertainment with the deluxe edition now available exclusively at Walmart.


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