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Eddie Ray Arnold Says a Freeing Goodbye in New Single "What If I Don't"

June 6th, 2022 (Nashville, TN) - Classic country artist Eddie Ray Arnold releases new single "What If I Don't." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Eddie Ray Arnold’s “What If I Don’t” is a good old-fashioned country serve to your ex. With a bouncy beat, the song gets your own sense of independence going. Arnold challenges the idea that he needs the person he sings of, asking the question “What if I don’t?” This inspirational mindset acts as a reminder that you can be there for yourself.

Arnold’s southern flare adds spice to an already instrumentally funky track. There is an absolutely insane electric guitar solo towards the end of the song that will in fact rock your socks off. The song is capped off with steady harmonies that make the sonic experience all the more excellent.

Definitely add “What If I Don’t” to your “In The Car With The Windows Down” playlist to jam along to this summer.

A self-proclaimed performer since the age of 7 - starting with the Piano Players Guild of America - Eddie Ray Arnold has made music an integral and essential part of his life. Eddie grew up in Colorado, surrounded by the Earth’s natural wonders; as a result, he spent much of his time communing with the land by hunting, fishing, and camping. Today, Eddie lives in North Georgia with his wife and children.

Eddie’s music tends towards the upbeat, with a focus on life’s positives over anything else. This focus comes out in full force during his energetic live shows, where you’ll rarely see him standing still or playing something slow. Notable stages Eddie has occupied in the past include The Melting Point, The Foundry, The 40 Watt, Historic Ritz Theatre in Toccoa, GA, Madison County Fair, Live on TV with Dave and Michelle, and Live on Radio with It’s Friday. Most recently he has performed at The Scoreboard Nashville and The Local in Nashville.

When asked to describe what separates him from other current artists in the genre, Eddie had this to say: “What may be unusual is that I’m more positive in my content than most in country. I’m also not trying to be an outlaw or something else, I’m not trying to fit into a box. I just want to play my songs and I hope people like them.”

Not only a musician, but Eddie also has experience with a host of other careers and hobbies, including windsurfing, calligraphy and graphic design, preaching, sharpshooting, firefighting, and DJing, just to name a few. He is truly a multi-talent, and that breadth of experience is something that he can pull from to heighten his own music.

Eddie is currently signed with Emanant Music Group out of Nashville and Atlanta, and he hopes to continue doing what he loves and improving with each song and each performance. Eddie most recently released his single "Rock Your World," which has received much acclaim from the country music scene and media.


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