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Former 'The Voice' Star, Ricky Duran, Releases First Album Since National Debut

NASHVILLE, TN – This Lunar New Year, Ricky Duran embarks on a new chapter of his life and career – a chapter of recollections and reflections inSpace & Time. Ricky Duran puts heart, soul and the components of real life into a dimensional album, encapsulating stories and feelings from different phases over the past 10 years. As each second passes in Space & Time, more of his life is revealed through intricate songwriting, timeless melodies and genre-bending songs.

“This album is almost like an autobiography,”Ricky reveals.“Every song on the album has a piece of me from a part in my life. Whether it’s past or present, every song has a different emotion.”

For Ricky, Space & Time reveals the good and the bad, including finding love and dealing with the loss of both parents. Duran wrote each song off the album with the exception of one – "A Woman Like Her," penned by hit songwriters Eric Paslay, Charles Kelley of Lady A and Laura Jeanne Veltz, which he performed during The Voice finals.

Space & Time Track Listing:

1. “Shine” (Ricky Duran, Eric Paslay)

2. “Star” (Duran)

3. “Selfish Love” (Duran)

4. “Waiting On You” (Duran)

5. “She’s Like Whiskey” (Duran)

6. “As The Sun Goes Down” (Duran)

7. “Circles” (Dakota Colby, Duran)

8. “She Closed Her Eyes” (Duran)

9. “A Woman Like Her (Live Acoustic)” (Charles Kelley, Paslay, Laura Jeanne Veltz) “There’s a lot of soul in each song on the project with a different flare and story. It’s definitely a collection of some of the best music I’ve made to date.” Space & Time is available today on all platforms []. and merchandise, including physical CDs, shirts, mugs and more, is now available online at To stay up-to-date on new releases and upcoming tour dates, follow @rickyduran on Instagram and @iamrickyduran on Facebook.

About Ricky Duran

Described as “one of music’s most wide-ranging, genre-busting artists” by, Ricky Duran is an irrefutable talent and electrifying entertainer making music for the soul. Duran garnered international attention with his soulful vocals, fiery guitar playing and compelling performances on NBC’s The Voice. The Season 17 Runner-Up has since released a #1 iTunes-charting single and sold out shows, showing himself to be more than a fleeting show success - he retained fans and amassed more. His vulnerable songwriting and ability to capture an audience on and off stage transcends trends, while his musical abilities and influences from Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer and Leon Bridges shows his music knows no bounds - he is timeless and a genuine creative that no label can penetrate.

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