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Hayden Joseph Reminds Us All To Live in the Moment with New Country-Pop Single "Here"

(Nashville, TN): Country-pop artist Hayden Joseph releases new single, "Here," reminding us to cherish each moment.

A pensive first verse introduces listeners to an all too familiar internal conflict - balancing ambition with contentment. Hayden, like so many of us, is guilty of constantly stressing about a future he can't control, and neglecting a present he can. A perfectly penned phrase, "I've been caught up in a rush, my mind don't like to turn off much," kicks off a chorus that embodies a heartfelt plea to his restless mind: "Stop moving forward without taking stock of what you have and how lucky you are."

In sharing the story behind "Here," Hayden said, "I have never been a master of 'living in the moment.' I am a dreamer, constantly mapping out 'what’s next?' It’s exhausting, unhealthy, and comes with many costs. 'Here' aims to tackle this destructive habit head-on, offering 3 minutes to loudly acknowledge the trials and blessings in my young adult life with a massive drumbeat and a few impactful lyrics: 'Pumping the brakes, before shifting my gears – I just wanna be… Here."

He credits a current country-pop princess for the song's indirect inspiration, "In her 2021 CMT Artists of the Year acceptance speech, Kelsea’s Ballerini said, 'I am learning to loosen my grip on what I think I want and just be here.' Those words hit me like a brick. I knew I was meant to hear them, as a constant go, go, go attitude has pushed me to the brink of exhaustion over the past few years chasing this crazy dream. The next day I took the idea to my co-writers, Colin Rowe and Tyler Bank (+ arguably, Kelsea), and we wrote 'Here.' The result packed a massive drumbeat alongside a message every young adult needs to hear: 'Take a breath; slow down, and just be 'Here.'”

“Living in the moment and catching my breath/thinking ‘bout now instead of what’s next” – Hayden exclaims in the song's booming chorus that he is going to end his bad habits and just enjoy the present. "I want to be able to love without the fear of the future; I want to spend time with my friends and family, I want to enjoy what I've accomplished... this town is easy to get caught up in the next move. If you're not careful, you'll lose a piece of yourself on the way."

"Here" is available on all platforms now.

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