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Husband and Wife Country/Folk Duo Hemp & Denim Bare Their Hearts in New Release

NASHVILLE, TENN. – The latest single from husband and wife country/folk duo Hemp & Denim titled Ride eloquently puts into words the feeling of heartache and wishing a situation could have ended differently than it did. Ride is their sixth single to be released in less than a year and is currently available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

They say nothing lasts forever, but as long as we’re together, I’ll believe that life is good is the line that most perfectly sums up the emotions of Hemp & Denim’s new single, Ride. The feeling of emptiness left when we lose a loved one in any way is one that most know all too well. “We all have an unresolved relationship we wish would’ve turned out differently. Maybe it’s with a friend, a former lover or a family member. When you think about this person, your heart aches because the moment has passed and the relationship has been lost, through death, estrangement or simply the passage of time,” says Hemp Meadows, the outspoken songwriter and male vocalist of the duo. “You have to reconcile with yourself that things will never be the same.” Although as humans we are destined to experience that aching at some point in our lives, we can also learn that there is healing on the other side of pain. The path we take may be the long way around, but peace will be reached in time. Hemp wrote Ride from personal experiences and says if any message is taken from the song, it’s that that someone understands what you’re going through. Female vocalist of the duo, Denim Skye, added “When performing the song, I get a feeling that it is about a couple like us who are reminiscing about the hopes and dreams that they didn’t realize, but are still optimistic about the future.” Ride is an immersive, melancholy tune with a wistfulness that will draw you into the story and take you on a journey of your own.

The duo’s newest single is just one of many recent releases. Ride follows the success of previous songs Holding On, Follow Your Heart and You Take My Breath Away, all of which have been received by fans and press alike with love. Hemp & Denim continue to work endlessly on new music and upcoming performances. Since pursing their music dream together, their debut release One Step Over The Line received a Grammy nomination-consideration for Best Americana Roots Song while their follow-up song, Stay, was considered as Pop Song of the Year nomination consideration. The duo has been featured in numerous print and tv placements including Nashville’s NBC and Fox affiliate stations, received national and international airplay in Scotland, Ireland and on the BBC Radio Network in the U.K., and most importantly, grown a loving fan base - including over 28k+ monthly listeners just on Spotify.

You can keep up with Hemp & Denim by finding them on Facebook and by going to their website to see all their videos and sign up for their newsletter full of exclusive content.

About Hemp & Denim: Hemp Meadows and Denim Skye are a husband and wife music duo based in Nashville. If you love the sounds of the 60s and 70s, you’ll love their signature blend of harmonies which join seamlessly with Hemp’s melodies and lyrics. From there, the magic happens. Filled with catchy melodies, strong vocals, provocative lyrics and innovative harmonies, their music is reminiscent of the days of peace and love, something they hope to bring to the modern music industry.

They believe in enjoying life, doing what you love, and chasing your dreams no matter what. The duo performs regularly in the Nashville area to dedicated fans. As a mainstream act within their generation, having just celebrated their 35th wedding Anniversary, Hemp & Denim want to encourage fans, young and old, to enjoy life and follow their dreams. With their motivation, dedication and great stage presence, this passionate duo cannot wait to continue sharing their talents with fans and fellow musicians far and wide.


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