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NASHVILLE, TENN. - Indie singer-songwriter Mandi Mapes readies her second single “Daffodil Floors” from her forthcoming debut album Levees, due 3/10/23.It’s a kind and gentle protest song about, “my personal journey of coming to the end of a long religious road. Finding the courage to step off that road and begin resting in my beloved-ness,” says Mandi.

“‘Daffodil Floors’ leans into Mapes’ talent for golden-hued balladry, with her vocals lilting above loping piano rhythms, warm acoustics, and lovely bursts of strings. It’s a song that shines in its simplicity, capturing a sense of weightless joy amidst its pastoral swells of melody.” -Under The Radar

It follows “Surely Goodness,” a breezy, whimsical tune that calls to mind the goodness that is all around us, even in shadowy times of loneliness, grief and confusion.

Mandi explains, “I think the overall message of this album is to not lose hope. ‘Surely Goodness’ is a reminder not to lose hope even in shadowy times because the light is never far away. ‘Levees’ is a story about how even when you’ve lost something you can never get back, love is still waiting for you. ‘Dream’ says it’s never too late to keep dreaming. ‘Van Gogh’ illustrates the importance of trying again after failure.” These messages are bolstered by Mapes’ delightful voice and warm, stripped-down arrangements and whimsical melodies.

Levees will be released on March 10, 2023.


Upon hearing Mandi Mapes' dulcet voice and imaginative songwriting, it's no surprise to find she was born in the music-rich culture of New Orleans. Similar to the city she grew up in, her music carries both the honest feelings about life's hurricanes and the resilient hope of brighter days ahead. Mandi lived in the Middle East with her husband for three years where she pressed pause on making music. During that season she experienced loss, loneliness and a crushing creative drought. But it was during that very season that deep beneath the ground, something beautiful was to come. Birthed from that barren soil, Mandi's upcoming album, Levees blooms with mellifluous melodies and poetic lyrics.

Mandi's music has been well received across the globe. Two of her songs are featured on the Turkish Spotify Playlist, Sabah Kahvesi (which means Morning Coffee in Turkish). You can hear her song, “Dance With Me” in the romance film, Coffee Shop, now streaming on Netflix. Also, her music has been featured in the Erwin Brothers' films, October Baby and Mom's Night Out. Mandi has over 21,000 monthly listeners and over 6,000 followers on Spotify.

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