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Introducing IZO’s Monte Carlo Margarita

A classic margarita for years to come, IZO Spirits introduces their IZO’s Monte Carlo Margarita all your amigos will love.

IZO’s Monte Carlo Margarita is similar to a classic Cadillac margarita, but it uses premium ingredients: best quality tequila and Grand Marnier. Cointreau is the standard orange liqueur in margaritas, so adding the more nuanced, sophisticated Grand Marnier flavor takes it over the top.

NASCAR's Monte Carlo was a very successful car, just like IZO Tequila's top shelf, smooth and well made spirits, which turns into a truly memorable cocktail using top shelf IZO Tequila, the ride of your life.

IZO’s mixologist, Irving Gonzalez shares an easy 4 ingredient recipe to toast on the big day:

  • Grand Marnier

  • IZO Tequila XAC

  • Cointreau

  • Lime juice

You’ll pour the Grand Marnier right onto the other ingredients so that it “floats” on top. You’ll notice that this Grand Marnier margarita has no added sugar! No, a margarita doesn’t need to be sickly sweet. This one is perfectly balanced–and pretty irresistible.


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