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Rising R&B songstress Isla George is calling for action with her latest single and music video “Be Kind To The People,” out today. A powerful anthem for all who believe in the importance of spreading positivity and compassion, “Be Kind To The People” urges listeners to recognize the value in not only loving yourself, but also those around you while maintaining a sense of humanity especially during hard times when the world feels the most divided. As the neo-soul track places a spotlight on Isla’s sophisticated vocals against a backdrop of brass and steady percussion, the accompanying music video draws attention to the social justice activists who continue to fight daily for racial injustices, LGBT+ rights, and climate change among other issues.

“I personally have a tendency to feel everything and everyone. For so long I felt crushed by my empathic nature and I started feeling the weight of the world,” shares Isla on the track. “I consistently found myself asking what can I do and how do we heal the world together? I just wish we could all be kind. A lot of my focus became outward, which I feel a lot of us do and I began questioning how can we change and inspire others? How do we inspire kindness? What I realized is all along I wasn’t being the kindest to myself. It was outward focus for me until I wrote this song.”

Produced by multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated music producer, songwriter, and artist Adrian Gurvitz (Andra Day, Stevie Wonder), “Be Kind To The People” showcases Isla’s authentically raw talent and passion as she evokes the golden age of soul and offers a modern R&B twist that is as refreshing as it is timeless. The track also takes inspiration from Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” which is known for its socially-conscious lyrics about making a change within yourself before you can try to make the world a better place.

The Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter is on a mission to help heal the world through various channels with the messaging behind “Be Kind To The People” being just one of many initiatives she has been focusing on. In addition to sharing her powerful music, Isla aims to create community through social media, foster safe spaces for BIPOC individuals, and support LGBT+ rights. Most recently, to promote mental health and the well-being for Black History Month she organized the first ever mass mediation for the Black community on TikTok and Instagram. Isla continues to host weekly mass meditations every Sunday at 11:11am PST/2:11pm EST; please visit for more information.

“Be Kind To The People” is the second offering from Isla George following her debut single and love letter to the City of Dreams, LA.” The track landed at #21 on Spotify’s Local Pulse Los Angeles playlist following its release and quickly garnered over 850K streams. Dedicated to speaking her truth, she believes in the power of soul music as a device for unification and healing and has already been recognized by artists such as Stevie Wonder for her dedication to paving a new path forward with purpose driven music. These tracks are the first introduction to Isla’s effortless and compassionate R&B-soul sound from her forthcoming debut album which will undoubtedly make her an artist to watch.

There’s much more to come from Isla George this year, so stay tuned!


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