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Jenna DeVries Tells the Story of Leaving Her Closeted Life Behind in "Daddy's Little Heart Attack"

(Nashville, TN): Jenna DeVries breaks free from conformity and embraces her out loud and proud self in riveting new single and video for "Daddy's Little Heart Attack." You can listen to the single here.

A Nashville-based singer-songwriter, DeVries’ voice has been described as soulful and affecting and has already made a powerful connection with millions. Jenna DeVries' ability to tell stories through music began as a child and has carried her around the world. At the age of 15, she began writing and performing her original music. She is among the elite handful of artists to make it to American Idol's Top 24 on the farewell season. On America's Got Talent, she earned three separate standing ovations from both the judges and the audience. Jenna has been featured in several highly esteemed outlets, such as People Magazine, Yahoo!, CMT, and more. Her last two music videos, for "Drunk Girls" feat. Harper Grae, and solo release "December" were featured on the CMT Music Television channel. DeVries was also named as one of NSAI's "Songwriters to Watch."

"Daddy’s Little Heart Attack' is a song I wrote about escaping a life and town that was too small for me. Growing up, my parents sheltered us from everything. I was homeschooled almost my whole life and never got to listen to “secular” music. The song really tells the true story of escaping that life to step into a new “rebellious” adventure - and loving every second of it, even when it was hard to leave everything I had ever known. I hope this song helps the black sheep or ‘rebellious’ child feel less alone. When you choose yourself and to live authentically, life really does get better. Freedom takes courage, so I hope this song makes someone feel brave.” - Jenna DeVries

Jenna’s discography only continues to provide us with genuine passion and important stories that make others feel less alone in their journeys. “Daddy’s Little Heart Attack” is no different - you can feel and lyrically hear the change Jenna experiences throughout the song - “Fools raised up an outlaw heart, highway escape into the dark” reminisce on her parents’ disdain towards rock and secular music, and Jenna’s eventual escape from the close-minded world they lived in. The vocal ability we see from Jenna in the chorus demonstrates true determination and grit: “Now I’m driving like lightning, raising my hell, small town saint found a sinner rollin’ on two wheels, like how it feels/to be lovin’ like a wild child, queen of the night, black on my nails and painted all around my eyes, found my life…” and she “can’t slow down, can’t go back,” because Jenna DeVries has truly become her “Daddy’s Little Heart Attack.”


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