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Jim ‘N Nick's Bar-B-Q Restaurants Now Offering Signature Sauces, Seasonings & Summer Grillin' Pack

Pouring On The Flavor Of The South - Beloved Jim ‘N Nick's Bar-B-Q Restaurants Now Offering Signature Sauces, Seasonings & Summer Grillin' Pack Online

With just the right Bar-B-Q sauce, burgers, ribs, pork, chicken and countless favorites are elevated from an ordinary meal to a transcendent fusion of culinary and social perfection.

Fortunately, finding the perfect Southern-style Bar-B-Q sauce has never been easier thanks to iconic restaurant chain Jim ‘N Nick’s, as the brand is now selling its classic sauces online to home cooks and professional chefs everywhere at Three varieties of 12-ounce Bar-B-Q sauce are now available on the Jim ‘N Nick’s website: richly delectable Original; brace-yourself-it’s-really-that-hot Habanero; and a true Alabama mainstay: Morgan Co, a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce spiked with vinegar and black pepper that adds a cooling creaminess and a tangy spice to freshly smoked or grilled meats and sandwiches. Each flavor is priced at only $4.99 (not including tax and shipping). In addition to individual sauces, Jim ‘N Nick’s is also offering a Summer Grillin’ Pack comprised of three Original Bar-B-Q sauces, one Habanero sauce, one Steak/Burger seasoning and one Bar-B-Q Dry Rub seasoning ( To order one or both of Jim ‘N Nick’s seasonings (available for just $3.99 per bottle), visit As passionate lovers of top-quality, authentically-Southern Bar-B-Q know, taking the time and gaining the expertise to do it right represents nothing less than a true form of art. Given that analogy, no connoisseur of Bar-B-Q artistry deserves museum-grade status more than Jim ‘N Nicks, with locations across Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. At Jim ‘N Nick’s, preparing Bar-B-Q masterpieces is far more than a method of cooking – it’s a cherished way of life. Indeed, since opening its flagship restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1985, Jim ‘N Nick’s has become a living, breathing embodiment of the communal Southern Bar-B-Q experience. Here, patrons can savor the finest Southern Bar-B-Q they’ve ever tasted while relaxing in a warmly inviting atmosphere defined by a passion for excellence, reverence for craftsmanship, devotion to tradition and commitment to friendly service that fosters community. At Jim ‘N Nick’s, there are no microwaves, freezers or shortcuts of any kind. Team members arrive early every day while the restaurant’s state-of-the-art smokers run 24/7. What’s more, Jim ‘N Nick’s uses original rubs and hickory smoke to make sure every bite is packed with flavor that melts in your mouth. Known for its “low and slow” Bar-B-Q prowess, Jim ‘N Nick’s smokes its meat around the clock to ensure guests enjoy only the freshest-tasting ingredients. Beyond working diligently to offer patrons the very best Bar-B-Q in the South and beyond, Jim ‘N Nick’s has also gone to great lengths to create a laid-back, stress-free and family-oriented environment in all of its restaurants. Regardless of what they order, guests can count on being served a bountiful portion of genuine Southern hospitality with every meal at Jim ‘N Nick’s. For more information, please visit


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