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Leah Marie Mason Releases Heart-Wrenching Music Video For New Single "Miss Us Then"

December 24th, 2021 (Nashville, TN): Breakout pop-country artist Leah Marie Mason releases music video for new single "Miss Us Then." Leah Marie Mason has been keeping herself busy since the viral status she achieved with her debut single “Far Boy” on TikTok and she shows no signs of slowing down. Simplistic guitars bring us into days past. Mason relives the trials of an ex-love, 'Thrill of the chase 'til the chase ain't new." She doesn't have rose-colored glasses on and she doesn't shy away from examining the problems of this past love. The song slowly builds into the chorus. She is the harbinger of the biting lyric "I don't miss us now, but I miss us then." These reminiscent lyrics are deliciously juxtaposed with the upbeat pop beat drop that happens immediately after. She is faced with the fact that she only wants him when he is gone. She wants the chase, the struggle, and the deep ache for another person, but once she has it, it is no longer so appealing. This song is a wonderful character study on longing. A song that could easily be a sad ballad is brilliantly balanced. Mason offers substance that is often missing in mainstream music.

The music video adds a whole new dimension to the storytelling wonder that is "Miss Us Then." Leah Marie Mason delivers a full story of the thrill of falling in love, devoted intimacy, and scattered pieces of heartbreak in her music video for her single “Miss Us Then.” The lyrics convey a perfect blend of the excitement in the honeymoon phase to the distress of comfortability within relationships. The verses provide simple instrumentals to highlight Mason’s crystalline tone and genius lyrics, which ultimately build to the upbeat chorus with a focus on the positive times stating “I don’t miss us now but I miss us then.” Video director Polo Pi$tola brilliantly uses the effect of lighting and setting to highlight polar emotions. The video begins beside the ocean on a beautifully lit day where we see Mason and her love interest start to fall for each other amongst a gathering of a group of friends. Through their deep glances, smiles, and soft touches, Pi$tola allows the audience to feel the intense connection between the two. As this connection fades, the scene changes to a different party with darker lighting. Their mannerisms shift to glances at a phone, shouting, and slaps to the face. Overall, “Miss Us Then” is a full story of lost love, and provides the substance that is often glossed over in the industry today.

Leah Marie Mason never tries to be perfect. Instead, the North Carolina-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and artist allows her edges to frame an intimate and infectious brand of country that could resonate from a small town to the top of a big city. By doing so, she energizes the genre with universal pop appeal. By the age of eleven, Leah started performing in a classic rock band with her older brother, belting out Heart and Pat Benatar covers. After a year at Berklee College of Music, she transferred to Belmont University in Nashville. Inspired by everything from the classic songwriting of George Strait, the bluegrass of The Steeldrivers, and 21st-century vibes of Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa, she spent countless hours writing and honed a sharp signature style, resulting in her debut single “Far Boy.” Taking the reins of her career, Leah watched YouTube tutorials about uploading media to Spotify, outsourced cover art, and finally decided to launch a TikTok page to promote “Far Boy.” The song played over a video captioned, “I called my ex to hang out so he could listen to this song I wrote about him,” and it organically exploded with 13 million views.

Leah Marie Mason may have just broken out onto the scene this year with her viral TikTok that tugged at heartstrings (over 13 million, to be exact), but she has the poise and skill of a seasoned artist. The Nashville-based singer, who recently caught the attention and approval of Dan + Shay for her Facebook cover of their song “From the Ground Up” is cementing herself as a true changemaker in the industry. Her “Far Boy” duet with Austin Burke debuted on Taste of Country and her latest collaboration with breakout star Kidd G on “Love Isn’t Real” was featured on numerous editorial playlists on release week including the prestigious “Women of Country” Spotify playlist. Leah featured her single “I Wish” in a TikTok that has now gained over 1.4M likes.

Leah’s last single “Hannah” was released on 8/23/21 and was also featured on several highly esteemed playlists and more editorial playlists. Her trajectory is growing at an immense rate, and Leah Marie Mason is one of 2021’s most established up-and-coming artists in country music.

Her new single "Miss Us Then" has now been featured on numerous editorial playlists on Spotify and Apple, including Fresh Finds: Country, New Music Nashville, and all-genre Best New Songs on Apple Music to name a few.

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