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Fairfield, Conn. - Singer/songwriter Marisa Bloom delivers the sugary sweet pop/punk summer anthem we’ve all been craving with “Dairy Queen” available May 23rd on Pilot Light Records.


The track premieres today exclusively on The Big Takeover, who enthuses, “a calorie rich pop/punk summer anthem about craving something you can’t have.”


“Dairy Queen” is inspired by both a nostalgic sense of longing for fun summer crushes, warm beach nights, cool drinks and the feeling of being free, the song “suddenly popped in my head, and the first few lyrics just poured out of me,” recalls Marisa. And it did happen while driving past a Dairy Queen. “I felt like a sweet escape at that moment – regardless of whatever is happening in the outside world,” she explains. Her goal was to write a song about desire, “that longing for an Oreo blizzard or an unrequited crush that gives you butterflies.”


Marisa Bloom is a guitar-wielding singer, songwriter and rockmommy who calls Fairfield, Connecticut, home. Raised on a steady diet of punk and poetry in her native hometown of Silver Spring, Maryland, Marisa's songs are heartfelt, sometimes hilarious, and emotional tributes to a wild life well lived.


When she's not breaking hearts or raising sons, Marisa teaches guitar, sings and strums guitar for the punk n’ rock band Trashing Violet, and edits popular music blog Rockmommy, which features interviews with some of the most compelling and badass parents in the music industry.


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