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Megan Knight's New Single Will Have You "Dancing in the Mirror"

March 21st, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Country-pop singer-songwriter Megan Knight will release her new single, "Dancing in the Mirror," on Friday, March 31st, 2023. The track will be available on all streaming and download services. Her new country-pop single is about her self-confidence and self-worth journey, which many of us can relate to. You can get an exclusive first look here.

"I encourage my listeners to be dream chasers, the pilots of their lives driving head-on into their wildest goals. I hope this song brings people joy, inspiration, motivation, and comfort. We should all be proud of ourselves, regardless of our bodies' appearance."

- Megan Knight

Megan knows how to differentiate herself in a way that keeps the listener engaged. Her voice is almost soothing as she gingerly sings the lyrics. The lyrics make the song feel relatable and raw as she discusses her insecurities. The message of dispelling fear and doubt with a positive self-image remains prevalent throughout the song, adding a layer of transparency.

In the first verse, she opens with lyrics like "don't wanna be just another face" and "hypnotized with the great race." Here, Megan talks about the pressure our modern society has put on us, especially women. Today's world places great value on glamorizing one's life; this is the "race" Megan refers to. It's almost as if she is constantly drowning in all this pressure to be perfect and happy. Once the chorus hits, she talks about "dancing in the mirror" to regain her "power." To remind herself of who she was once and who she is now.

Megan Knight is an incredibly soulful and impassioned singer-songwriter, born in Southern New Jersey. The poised influence of her writing reveals a powerful singer willing to risk what it takes to push the limits as far as they will go. Knight's music is strongly defined by its contradiction; which radiates with confidence and vulnerabilities that outline a perfect balance between modern and classic sounds, that pull inspiration from many different genres.

At an early age, Megan knew that she wanted to make singing, songwriting and performing her life-long career. With musical roots that span generations, it was natural for her to work tirelessly to hone a sound that is uniquely hers.

Knight's first original three song EP was released in 2012 at the age of 14, which quickly caught the attention of Grammy winning songwriters/producers and engineers in Nashville, TN and Muscle Shoals, AL. Within a few months of the release she was visiting Nashville and Muscle Shoals to find her recording family. She found that in Muscle Shoals, AL where they embraced her as one of their own.

Megan's first full length album, entitled “Megan Knight”, was recorded at The Nutthouse Recording Studio in Sheffield, AL, and released in 2015. This studio album thrust her into the spotlight and she was awarded the 93.7 WSTW's New Artist of the Year, independent artist music award, and was nominated for several songwriting accolades.

Growing as an artist, performer, singer and songwriter, Megan had withdrawn from her local high school to be home schooled (online) to focus on her career. Her travels over those years brought her up and down the east coast on state-to-state tours. These new experiences brought a greater drive to learn more of the production part of the music industry. In 2018, Megan released her first co-produced album, “State of Mind” which earned her top regards with 93.7 WSTW as EP of the Year 2018, and again was nominated for several songwriting and vocal accomplishments. Her single “Fade” off of that EP was picked up by CMT for their show Racing Wives.

In 2019, Megan expanded her music experience by co-writing and recording with one of Nashville's hottest producers (i.e. Kane Brown/Lauren Alaina). “Bad Decision” is available now on all streaming platforms.

You now can hear several self-produced and co-produced covers including “Six Feet Under” (Billie Eilish) “Running Up That Hill” (Kate Bush) and “Heart Shaped Box” (Nirvana) when you log onto your music app of choice.

2022 Megan released “My Drama” a body of work about the five stages of grief. It is designed to heal the souls of many; it’s as if she’s walking beside you guiding you through each stage of a heartbreak journey. This EP has been featured by CMT, Rolling Stone, E News and Hollywood Life to name a few.

“Dancing in the Mirror” is a new single coming from Megan March 31, 2023. It is all about empowerment and self love. This song inspires people to step into the life they’ve always wanted and to fully unconditionally love themselves.


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