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Melody's Miscellaneous: Interview with Mary Ann Kaylor-Griffiths

Selma, Alabama native and entrepreneur Mary Ann Kaylor-Griffiths recently released her debut cookbook, I’m Not Drunk, I’m Cooking! Kaylor-Griffiths is a fourteen-year music industry veteran, food blogger, and CEO of business, Kaylor Girl Promotions, headquartered in Nashville, TN. Her new book shares witty, heartwarming and loving insights into her life, along with timeless favorite recipes mixed with unique twists.

“I want this cookbook to read more like a book of short stories," Kaylor-Griffiths explains. "To me, that is what a recipe really is. All of the recipes have a meaning or a story behind them - some stories are sentimental and some are a hot mess. I’m Not Drunk, I’m Cooking was an absolute joy to create, bringing together my favorite ways to cook and eat, along with cocktails and forgotten stories.”

Not only are you a publicist, business owner and are now an author! Have you always wanted to publish a book?

Wow, author...I am still not used to hearing that. When I was in second grade, we had an assignment to write a book. I was actually chosen out of all the second graders to have mine published. It was called “The Zoo” and I had to read it out loud at Parents’ Day and it was in the library at the school for a while. So, I guess you could say I have always wanted to do a book. It is a very intimidating process to me. It was scary putting my personal thoughts out there to the world on paper. But, I am so happy I accomplished my goal.

Do you have a favorite recipe you included in I’m Not Drunk, I’m Cooking?

I feel like that is picking your favorite child or something. All the recipes mean something special to me. If I had to pick one, I would say my dad’s pickles recipe. Now that he has passed, I cherish that one.

We loved reading all of the memories you included in the book. Did you have a story you knew you wanted to include since day one?

There are so many! I knew I wanted to tell the stories about being in my grandmothers’ kitchen. She taught me a lot about food and where it comes from. A lot of the memories just came to me as I was writing out the recipes. I wanted to share how they came about to me and I hope that when others come across a special recipe it will bring back personal memories for them as well.

Do you have a favorite food-related tv show you love to binge?

There are so many! I am a culinary TV addict. I love Top Chef, MasterChef, Beating Bobby Flay, and Chopped. I also love to binge Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Rodney Scott’s Chef's Table: BBQ is one of my all-time favorite episodes.

Is there a food you just won’t eat, no matter the circumstance?

Not really. I will try anything. I do have a slight shellfish allergy, but I eat it anyway. 😊

What is one food you couldn’t live without?

Butter, bread, and pasta. It would be impossible. I just would not want that life for me!

Meryl Streep played Julia Child in the film “Julie & Julia.” What actress would you want to play yourself if your life was made into a movie?

I love that movie! I watched it twice this month already! My instinct says Nicole LaValle (Snooki) from the Jersey Shore and if you know me well, you know why. Second would be Anna Kendrick.

Do you have plans to release another cookbook in the future?

I think I am still processing that I did the first one so it will be a while. But yes, I totally would do another one. Hopefully with an agent and publisher this time.

I'm Not Drunk, I'm Cooking is now available for order on Amazon.

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