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Melody's Miscellaneous: Interview with Allison Asarch

Country music cutie Allison Asarch is quickly building up a fanbase of loyal followers...including us! The talented singer/songwriter, with the heart as big as her home state of Texas, released her new Single "Neon Nobody" on September 17th. While the song is about following your dreams and paying your dues in the music industry, Allison is already a star in our eyes.

When did you know Nashville would be the place for you?

When I was driving to Ohio with my mom for college from Houston, we took a couple pit stops along the way. We stopped in New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville. When we got to Nashville, there was just something inside of me that said, "Yep! Allison, this is it. This is where you'll be once you graduate." It truly felt like a calling and I've stuck with it ever since!! That was in 2013 and it's 2021 now!

You won an episode of the Netflix Original show “Sing On!” – How did that experience help you grow as an artist?

Yes! Sing On! was such an amazing experience! I grew more confident on that stage throughout the episode, honestly. It helped me see that I truly was capable of making this dream a reality. I also loved getting to meet Tittus Burgess, who was such a blast to work with.

We love your new single “Neon Nobody.” How do you define success in the music industry?

Thank you so much! I love this song, too. I really feel like this song can be an anthem for other artists like me. Success in this industry doesn't happen overnight. With work, perseverance, and faith... I think anything is possible! Success, to me, is truly creating a fanbase that enjoys listening to my music and wanting to come support me at a live show or sharing my music with friends. Getting my music heard by the right people who need to hear it and want to listen to it on repeat!

You’re a big Taylor Swift fan. Would you rather co-write a song with her or sing a duet?

Don't laugh at me, BUT, I would 100% rather co-write than duet because every Taylor song that is duetted by a woman...they ONLY sing backup vocals (haha!). So, I would rather co-write than sing with her on a song. Love you, Tay... hoping for a full verse sung by Phoebe Bridgers on the on the Red vault songs...fingers crossed!!

Let’s pretend you are doing a hometown concert for all of your friends, fans and family in Texas. Which 3 artists would you want to headline with you?

I think it would be fun to headline with other Texas artists, since everyone who is from Texas understands the love we have for our state. My top 3 artists to headline with would be Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, and Maren Morris! Woah... that lineup would be EPIC!!! Manifesting this now!

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