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Melody's Miscellaneous: Interview with Wendy Dale Young

Wendy Dale Young is a legendary figure in the entertainment industry, with a career spanning several decades. Born into an entertainment family in Los Angeles, California, Wendy's mother was a talented singer and dancer, and her father was a British comedian who was one of the first to have his own variety show, "Mr. Ed Show," in New York on radio and television. Wendy's family lived in England while her father worked on films and television, and in 1959, they moved back to the US when he was cast as Wilbur on the TV series "Mister Ed."

Growing up in an entertainment family had a profound impact on Wendy's life and career, instilling in her a love and passion for the arts that has lasted a lifetime. Her father's work ethic and commitment to his craft also played a significant role in shaping Wendy's approach to her profession and her own work ethic.

Wendy's career in the entertainment industry has been varied and multifaceted. She began her journey dancing with the Bolshoi Ballet and later went on to work on Broadway and the West End. Her talent for identifying and cultivating emerging talent was showcased when she produced and promoted a Southern Kitchen musical, "The Right Smart of Love!," which brought innovative and thought-provoking works to audiences.

Despite her early success in the industry, Wendy faced several challenges along the way. She struggled with an underlying health condition that went undetected for years, which eventually forced her to quit performing altogether. This was a difficult time for Wendy, who struggled with depression and frustration. However, she was able to channel her passion and creativity into writing, which became a new source of inspiration and fulfillment.

Wendy's values and beliefs include passion, commitment, discipline, tenacity, listening, and professionalism. She has been influenced by several mentors throughout her life, including her father, who taught her the importance of hard work and discipline, and her first ballet teacher, Leola Stone, who taught her the value of perseverance and going the extra mile.

Wendy's career highlights include writing her first book, "Behind the Eyes of Liberty Pearl," which is a true story about the miraculous rescue of a little dog and is all about love. She also wrote a musical that deals with a controversial subject and is all about love, and she hopes her work will bring about healing and acceptance of just being human.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Wendy is an avid traveler and a devoted animal lover. She often incorporates her experiences and passions into her creative work.

"The Look of Love" is a beloved classic, originally written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David for the 1967 James Bond spoof film "Casino Royale." Dusty Springfield's version became an instant hit and remains a timeless classic to this day. Wendy's smooth jazz cover of the song adds a new dimension to the classic, infusing it with her own unique style and interpretation.

Produced by former Motown producer Michael B. Sutton at The Sound of L.A., Wendy's cover of "The Look of Love" will be available for release in April, in celebration of Jazz Month Appreciation.

Wendy's ability to infuse her music with her passions and beliefs is a testament to her versatility as an artist. Through her art, she hopes to inspire and bring about healing and acceptance, and her cover of "The Look of Love" is a beautiful example of this.

Wendy's multifaceted career in the entertainment industry has demonstrated her versatility and adaptability in navigating the changing landscape of the industry, and she is a true asset to the arts and entertainment world. Her inspiring journey is one that serves as a shining example of the power of perseverance, hard work, and passion. Wendy's ability to overcome challenges and channel her creativity into new pursuits is a lesson to us all. Her contributions to the arts and entertainment world have earned her numerous accolades and recognition, and her dedication to her craft and her ability to inspire others through her work make her a true icon of the industry.

As Wendy's inspiring journey continues, we can expect to see more of her unique and heartfelt creations. Her smooth jazz cover of "The Look of Love" is just one example of how she uses her talents to bring joy, inspiration, and healing to those around her. Her commitment to her craft and her values make her an exceptional artist and human being.

This April, in celebration of Jazz Month Appreciation, Wendy's smooth jazz cover of "The Look of Love" is set to be released. Produced by former Motown producer Michael B. Sutton at The Sound of L.A., Wendy's rendition of the classic song promises to be a unique and soulful interpretation that will touch the hearts of listeners.

Wendy's journey in the entertainment industry has been one of resilience, creativity, and passion. She has inspired generations of artists and audiences alike, and her contributions to the arts and entertainment world have left an indelible mark. As we look forward to the release of her new work, we can only imagine what other beautiful creations Wendy has in store for us in the future.

Hi, Wendy! You recently released some new music. Can you give us a little backstory behind your songs? I heard “The Look of Love”when I was a kid. Dusty Springfield sang it. I loved it! I was totally haunted by it. So, when my writing partner and producer, Michael B. Sutton, told me I should cut a single, I said I would love to do a cover for “The Look of Love.” And voila!!

Also, we just released a single called “Unconditional Love.” I am an animal lover and rescuer, so we had to write about my new dog, Willow, and all of my kitties and ones who have gone to Rainbow Bridge just to honour them with love!!

What are some of the exciting projects you are working on now? I will be recording two of my original songs I wrote and a song I wrote with Michael B Sutton. My favorite “Dancing in the Rain,“ “The Hardest Thing,” and a Christmas song, “Christmas Past.” Also, my big project that I am really proud of is a musical I wrote called “Love, Larry.” It is based on true events. It is a love story between a woman and a bisexual man during the late 1970’s - a difficult time for non-traditional relationships - set against the backdrop of John Lennon’s tragic death in 1980. I am currently raising money to produce a staged reading. You can find me on gofundme, Wendy Dale Young, Love, Larry.

Do you ever experience writers block? What do you do to overcome it?

Yes, I do experience writers block. I often will walk away from the project, take a deep breath, and relax. Sometimes I can go right back to it. Other times it may be a day or a week before the melody comes and/or the lyrics fall out on the page. I usually am inspired by the music first and the lyrics speak to me from the music.

What are your hobbies outside of music? I love all animals. I have kitties, a dog and chickens presently. I just took in a little fellow, a kitty who was dumped in the street. Hoping to find a home for him or uh-oh I am in trouble keeping yet another stray! I have rescued several dogs, cats and wild birds, fostered them and found homes. I also have fostered for the ASPCA, all the little kittens who need bottle feeding. No, I haven’t kept any of them!! Except 2 girls I got in Jan. 2020 due to Covid, as the ASPCA shut down and how could I give them up after having them for 6 months?! I also love photography and taking a dance class.

If you were to write a memoir what would you call it?

I actually started on one and I have called it “It Could Happen to You.”

Do you have any bucket list items you hope to cross off soon?

Well, I definitely started my first love from my bucket list to record my songs. So far, I’ve accomplished two and, as I said earlier, I have more coming! I would love to be on Broadway again. And, I would love to travel! Going to England next month (I am British. I say I am half and half American). Lived there off and on during my life. But, I’d love to visit Italy, Ireland, Greece... the list goes on and on!

What else can fans expect from you this year? They can expect a few more songs. Ones that I am really proud of. I was so inspired to write each of them. They come from my heart. I look forward to sharing them and more!!


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