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Melody's Miscellaneous: Interview with Cassie Fireman

(Photo Credit: Peter Hurley)

Cassie Fireman has always had a deep love for people and music, but it wasn’t until her mid-30’s that she pursued singing professionally. With no previous training, she went from writing songs in her bedroom to becoming the lead singer of indie folk rock band, Dirty Mae, which toured 12 states along the East coast playing over 90 shows. However, in 2020 when the pandemic hit, the tour came to a halt in Portland, Maine where Cassie stayed with her bandmates for a period of time. She attributes the dark basement at her Trombone player’s house as the place where the meat of her solo album "Time to Go" was born.

We recently had the chance to speak with Cassie about her newest single "Feel Like Gold." We had the loveliest conversation with her and cannot wait to see where her career takes her next.

Hi, Cassie! Thanks for chatting with us today. You've been compared to artists like Marina, Adele and Taylor Swift. What do you admire most about these women?

I’m a little embarrassed to say I’ve never heard Marina, but now I can go check her out so thank you!!! I’m a big fan of Adele and Taylor Swift. It’s kinda hard for me to be objective about my sound because I just think I sound like me but I don’t mind being compared to them. I’m a fan of both. They inspire me in different ways and are powerful storytellers which I appreciate.

We love your new single "Feel Like Gold." It's perfect for summer! What was it like filming the video for it?

Thank you! Oh my gosh, it was so much fun! We shot this in Topanga Canyon, CA. Sej & Pasha (cinematographer/directors), built a temporary makeshift pool on their deck out of trashbags and I can’t remember what else. We mixed a ton of non toxic gold paint with water, and waited for it to get dark outside. We lit tea light candles that floated around but it was windy and the flames kept going out. It took awhile to set up the cameras, I was wearing nothing but a little gold leotard and it was really, cold! I remember shivering and looking up at the sky. The stars were so bright and clear.

I think the main reason it’s always such a blast to work together is because it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a bunch of artists celebrating what we were meant to do together.

I feel most alive and like myself when I’m engaged with others creatively and artistically. It’s like a breath of fresh air…more like a collective breath with a sigh of relief saying “Right, right..THIS is what we do, what we get to do. It matters and we get to experience each other doing the very thing that lights us up and really, that's the gift. Being in the moment, the creation of it all and at the same time knowing it won't last forever helps me savor the moment.

I had no idea how this would turn out, which was fun for me. This was the first music video I did not direct at all so I could just let go and get into the music without my director’s hat on.

Also, a wild (and really cute ) little green parrot flew into the house while filming. He took turns flying around, sitting and even napping on each of our shoulders. It was so sweet.

You've stated that "Feel Like Gold" is a love letter to your younger, more reckless self. "It speaks to that little child inside that never felt good enough or like she was always messing things up somehow." What would you say to your teenage self today? What would she be most proud of?

Wow, I love these questions and so glad you asked. What’s crazy is that this morning, I randomly found my 90 Day Sober Gold Coin (which I haven’t seen in over 10 years) in my office drawer when looking for a safety pin. Today, Feel Like Gold came out and it just feels serendipitous because I hit a bottom in my 20’s back when I was out to devour whatever shiny thing I could get my hands on (aka booze, boys and binging) that canceled out the noise. Numbing out on those things worked beautifully for a little while… until they didn’t, and I’d find myself in a deeper, darker hole than the one before.

Eventually, I got to a point where I just knew if I didn’t stop now, there might not be a way out. I craved feeling my feet on the ground and standing on something sturdy. Writing and music became that solid foundation I was looking for.

So, to me this song is about searching for that deeper truth within you that sometimes requires digging and sifting through what no longer serves us…even when it feels like we’re stuck in the dark. But the cool thing about being in the dark is that it reminds us to turn on the light. All we need to do is remember we have direct access to the switch. When this becomes clear and we truly allow our inner wisdom to guide our life’s journey…we’ve struck gold!

One cool thing I learned yesterday while on a walk, chatting alchemy with my dear friend Matt is that for quite some time scientists were very adamant on turning lead into gold.

There was tons of lead but little gold so everyone wanted to figure out how to convert it but it was impossible. They couldn’t do it. For some reason I felt very inspired by hearing this.

I think because it reminds me that we too, are each designed to be one of a kind. We each resonate and show up in the world as our own unique expression and vibration and if we can learn to appreciate this in ourselves, we can see and appreciate that same authenticity in others and from there, we can celebrate the heck out of that irreversible, undeniable, innate gold that lives within us all.

Wow, I kinda wound myself up there for a second...I guess I’m really feeling this message!

You were personally selected by Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) to perform at his Underground Sunshine festival in New York City. That's impressive! What did you take away from that experience?

My take away from the whole Adam Duritz experience is my new knowledge of his deep love for pate bagels, naps and that he has the most amount of awards I’ve ever seen hanging in his bathroom. Also, I grew up listening to and love the Counting Crows and I just think it’s so cool that he started The Underwater Sunshine Festival and how he gives back and supports indie artists. I admire that about him.

You were a member of the all-female rock band The Panty Droppers. How did that experience shape the artist you are today?

Hee hee. Ok, so I joined something called Rock Band in NYC which I highly recommend for anyone interested in ever being in a band. It’s really cool and fun cuz they help you form a band and you can choose covers you want to play or sing and there’s a show at the end at a dive bar in the city and everyone can come drink beer and cheer you on.

Rocky was our drummer and coined the name “Pantydroppers”. I think a couple dudes dropped out of our band and then we were like “Hey, let’s do our own thing”. We were pretty terrible but we packed the house and had a blast. There may be a comeback in the future. Well see :)

We LOVE that you are an activist for both women's rights and animal rights. You work with organizations like Howler Monkey Wildlife Refuge and support survivors of domestic violence. Why did you choose these causes and how have they impacted your outlook on the world?

I see it like we live in this beautiful world where there is so much to appreciate, to be inspired by, to fall in love with and to be grateful for. But unfortunately, there is also a lot of cruelty, inequality, pain and suffering. I’ve tried to block things out and only focus on the positive but there’s a quiet kind of slow dying inside when I completely turn my head the other way. But if I focus too much on the negative stuff, it eats away at me so I think there’s a balance between the two.

There is a kind of special quality of energy I experience when connecting with animals and women. It’s hard to explain but my soul just feels called to protect and be of service. It's Mama energy for sure.

I think so much of what’s not working right now when it comes to us working together to save ourselves and the planet, is this weird inability to honor, see and respect one another. There are plenty of ways to solve the problems we’re facing but if we can’t communicate then how can we move forward? We need to start listening and being curious about one another so we can start to learn and discover the natural ways we can support each other in ways that allow everyone to thrive.

Also, my mom watched her mom get beat up almost every night when she was a little girl. My grandma and I were very close up until she died at 100 years old. I couldn't imagine anyone laying a finger on her. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. But I do believe that when we start to discover our own self worth and that we are deserving of love, it becomes harder and harder for us to allow ourselves to be treated unkindly.

What else can fans expect from you in 2023?

On July 6th, 7pm @ The Triad Theater, everyone is invited to my Feel Like Gold Album Release party in NYC! I'll be singing all songs on the album live with my band. It’ll be a special and heartfelt evening of rocking out and lifting each other up. (I’ve already started choreographing dance moves in the kitchen).

I’m also really looking forward to playing with my band Dirty Mae at Inclusion Fest: Inclusion Fest is the nation's first & only music & wellness festival designed to include & accommodate individuals with autism and other special needs. We are tweaking and coming up with some cool new ideas for our set to incorporate this beautiful diversity and I can’t wait to meet and hang with everyone there!

(Photo Credit: Nir Livni)

When asked how she’d like to be remembered, Cassie responded with “as someone who

remembered how to fall in love over and over again with life up until the very end.” We think that's a great legacy to leave.

For more information, visit and follow her on all social media platforms.


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