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Melody's Miscellaneous: Interview with JD Danner

From Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Cafe to Lucas Oil Stadium for an NFL half-time show for the Indianapolis Colts, singer/songwriter JD Danner has been captivating audiences nationally and globally. Her style is described as Joan Jett meets Johnny Cash.

JD Danner is consistently ranked as the No. 1 artist on the Miami charts for the music website Reverbnation and she has more than 50,000 hits on YouTube for her original music.

For over the past two decades, JD has toured performing at US military bases both in the United Stated and overseas. She also tours in support of Pride festivals and LGBTQ events throughout the US. In 2015, she performed as the first ever and only house band for the Florida Panther’s hockey (2015-2016 season). Additionally she was commissioned to write the anthem for the team titled “Go Cats Go”.

JD’s song “Thanks To The Brave” was chosen by NFL Cheerleaders for their USO tour and she was then invited to performed that song during the halftime show for the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. JD has also received a bevy awards from Fort Hood Army Base, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach and the Disabled American Veterans for her music in support of our troops.

Additionally, JD’s original music was used on US Army training videos and her song, “Thanks To The Brave” was chosen to be played at Fort Hood Army Base replacing Toby Keith’s “American Soldier.”

In October 2020, JD's version of Janis Ian's song titled, "Better Times Will Come" was chosen to be on Janis' website - Most recently, JD is receiving much accolade for her single titled "Nothing But Faith," which she was inspired to write during the pandemic quarantine.

Danner’s music hit the film industry when she caught the attention of filmmaker Jeffrey Poitier, nephew of legendary actor Sydney Poitier. Poitier featured an interview with Danner, along with live footage of JD and her band performing her song “Almost Home” in his Coconut Grove-based documentary, “VOICES."

​With a philanthropic heart, JD is deeply determined to give back to others through the power of music. JD has partnered with the American Cancer Society, Disabled American Veterans, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, several animal rescue organizations and organizations assisting victims of domestic violence. Proceeds from her song “Shelter From The Shame” benefit various women’s charities and domestic violence awareness groups.

Hi JD! Thanks for chatting with us! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, have any other LGBTQ+ artists influenced your music or impacted your life?

Yes, after hearing Melissa Etheridge was when I got the desire to start writing my own songs. I was inspired by the brilliance and emotional intensity in her lyrics.

You wrote your single "Nothing But Faith" during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Did the quarantine inspire your creativity in any other ways? How did it affect your "normal" routines as a performer?

Yes. Besides being moved to songwriting again, the quarantine inspired my creativity in the sense that I realized that through outlets like Zoom and FaceBook Live I could reach people and new fans with my music literally all over the world. That resulted in “In-House” concerts and the launch of a new podcast called, “The Rainbow Remix” which I co-host with Denise Warner in London, UK. So, I guess you can say that is also how my normal routine as a performer was affected as well.

Your style has been called "Johnny Cash meets Joan Jett." Which other artists have influenced your life and career?

Besides Melissa Etheridge, Lucinda Williams and Stevie Nicks - again, because their lyrics are amazingly intelligent.

You've performed at several military bases, including Guantanamo Bay. Can you describe that experience for us?

Performing for our military men and women and their families was an honor and also quite humbling. Their courage and sense of duty to our country is beyond amazing. They have so much respect for our military and the sacrifice they make for us.

If you were granted 3 wishes tomorrow, what would you wish for?

  1. I wish I could end abuse of every single aspect - especially for the most vulnerable like the children, the elderly, all animals.

  2. I wish I could find a loving home for every homeless animal.

  3. I wish for every artist with a dream to achieve that dream - whatever it may be.

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