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Melody's Miscellaneous: Interview with Jennifer Alvarado

Jennifer Alvarado is an international recording artist from Vale, North Carolina and has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

Her first project “Hello Life” was released in 2015 and included 13 original Contemporary Christian songs.  She returned to her Country roots in 2020 and released her first Country EP project titled ''Playing with Fire'' in April 2021.  She released a Country Pop EP titled “Songbird: Part One” in July 2022 and released “Songbird: Part Two” in July 2023.  Her current single “Colorado” was released in November 2023 and a holiday EP “Christmas in Carolina” in December 2023.  

Jennifer is currently working on new music and her project “Lately” is scheduled for release later in 2024.  Her sound is a mixture of country, pop and blues that reflect an eclectic blend of influences.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennifer for an interview.

Hi, Jennifer! We hear you have new music coming out soon! What inspired the theme or story behind your upcoming single?

Yes!  I was actually in the middle of working on another project when the opportunity to record and campaign with Plaid Dog Recording out of Boston, MA presented itself.  We are currently working on the single “Jesus in a Bar.”   There is power in our venerability and sharing our stories and the experiences we have, both good and bad, can be the keys to helping someone else overcome obstacles.  I have struggled with depression and an eating disorder in the past, so I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about some really raw and honest things in this EP that will be called “Lately.”

The Crowdfunding Campaign goes live on Wednesday, June 5th and will run for six weeks.  You can find more about the campaign, listen to the single “Jesus in a Bar” and even help support the project by clicking on the following link:

I hope that by being vulnerable about my own struggles, someone else can find the strength to seek help and/or know they are not alone.

Can you share a bit about the creative process behind this song? Were there any unexpected challenges or breakthrough moments?

I have been in ministry for years as a Worship Leader and later a Worship Pastor.  Many times we think we can only do ministry if we are surrounded by the four walls of the church and that’s just not true.  When I first started playing music beyond the church walls, I received criticism for putting myself in places like bars and clubs.  I wanted to show that my Jesus is everywhere.  It’s not about a building.  How we treat someone else and either condemn or welcome someone in that may be lost and struggling speaks much louder than a cheeky expression on the church sign.  I wanted to show that I can just as easily represent Jesus in a bar as I can in the pulpit.  

Last year, I had the opportunity to play at the Viper Room in Los Angeles.  That venue has a somewhat dark and infamous history and I was quite nervous before playing there.  It is still probably one of my favorite places.  The people present during that performance were so accepting and genuine.  It helped me to see the power of music firsthand.  My goal with this project and my music in general is to help someone feel seen and heard.  That’s the reason I feel I was put on this earth.

As an artist, how do you navigate the balance between staying true to your unique sound and experimenting with new musical directions?

Growing up, I listened to a lot of music to find comfort.  For me, the lyrics will always be the foundation.  I write about my own experiences and feelings and I think when the story is based in truth, it is easier to try new elements and even blending genres.  I would rather try something and realize it doesn’t work than stay stuck in a little box.

In an age of digital streaming and short attention spans, how do you hope your music will leave a lasting impact on listeners?

I hope the listener can hear my heart coming through these songs.  I want people to better understand me through my music.  I have insecurities.  I have made mistakes.  We all have struggles.  I hope the listener feels they have a friend through my music. 

Your music often explores social issues like mental health. How do you see your upcoming single contributing to this positive, ongoing narrative in your body of work?

I realize the title “Jesus in a Bar” may raise some eyebrows.  I hope it does.  I hope people listen to it and their take away is that our actions towards others can either help or harm them.  There are other songs that will be on this project that deal specifically with my mental health (“Lately” and “Wake Up Alice”) as well as my eating disorder (“Dear Ana”).  Growing up both of these subjects were very taboo to discuss.  Everyone knew, but it was that annoying pink elephant in the room.  Even now, they aren’t easy conversations, but I am glad that mental health is slowly becoming more acceptable to discuss and I hope this project can help in continuing that discussion.

Collaborations are becoming increasingly common in the music industry. If you could release a duet with any other artist, who would you choose and why?

My first choice will always be Reba McEntire…she is a huge reason I wanted to be a performer.  Beyond that, I would be open to working with any artist that is trying to make a difference through music, especially for mental health or recovery ministry.

Official Website - 

Instagram - @jenniferalvaradomusic

Tiktok - @jenniferalvaradomusic

Twitter - @guitardiva12


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