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Melody's Miscellaneous: Interview with Sharon Marie Cline

When the lights go down and the curtain rises, there's only one jazz female singer who can bring the house down: Sharon Marie Cline.

If you're looking for a soulful jazz vocalist who harkens back to the Golden Age of jazz while also bringing a distinctive, soulful, heartfelt flare to the music she sings, look no further than Sharon Marie. This exceptional vocalist hails from Jacksonville, Florida and brings a unique sense of jazz history to her song stylings. With her charming and refreshing approach, she often employs rhythmic and tempo variations that leave listeners with a lasting impression that is truly unforgettable!

Sharon dubs her band "The Bad Boyz of Jazz" because of its exceptional musicians. She often jokes, “They are so good that they are baaad!” Their innovative rhythmic sense, lush arrangements, and musical skills have made them a household name.

With a voice that can make you cry, laugh, or fall in love with her all over again, Sharon Marie and her band have quickly become a favorite in the realm of Los Angeles jazz musicians and performed in beautiful rooms around the country. She's performed on the same stage as jazz greats Nancy Wilson, Tony Bennett, and Chris Botti.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Sharon Marie about life, her career and more.

Hi, Sharon Marie! You recently released a new single. Can you give us a little backstory about the song?

Yes. My new release is called "Love Will Follow." It is actually a re-make of a Kenny Loggins tune from the mid 1980’s. I love Kenny Loggins. Such a brilliant songwriter and singer and performer. This song of his is smooth, sexy and lends itself towards contemporary jazz. And, it felt perfectly in alignment for me to interpret it. I call my arrangements: “D'arrangements” because I take a song that is familiar and breathe new life into it. Transform it. Give it a different perspective. My version of "Love Will Follow" is a love anthem. A great declaration of Love. And yes, it is still smooth and sexy… and sensual. And hopefully “catchy”!

What are some of the exciting projects you are working on now?

We are in the middle of conceptualizing the video for "Love Will Follow" and filming it at the end of the summer. I am going back into the studio to create and release a few more singles… and finishing up on a few collaborations.

Who are some of your musical influences?

So many wonderful artists that I call my “mentors”: Barbra Streisand, Diana Krall, Sarah Vaughan. Sade, Frank Sinatra, Rachelle Farrell, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker… to name few.

What is one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned so far?

To breathe more deeply… If you focus on your breath, not only will you become a stronger singer, you connect with yourself and your world more deeply. That important connection helps you to make better decisions, to move at the optimal pace. And to live more fully.

What piece of advice would you give to young artists who are just starting out?

To listen to as much music in different genres to inform what resonates with you. See as many live performances as possible. Never give up if your desire for this career comes from your High Heart… and stay connected to great artists with integrity and wisdom. And “Be true to thine Self”. Your audience and you will find each other.

Do you ever experience writer’s block? What do you do to overcome it?

I go sit in nature—preferably on the beach as I listen and watch the waves come into shore and back out to join the ocean again. It is grounding for me. Or, I go to the quiet of my home. Just me, a fragrant candle, perhaps a little music in the background.

If you could go on tour with any other artist, who would you choose and why?

Kenny Loggins because I believe he is a great artist and comes and approaches his craft from his High Heart. And his concerts are so joyful.

If you weren’t an actress and recording artist working in the music industry, what other career choice do you think you may have chosen?

I think I’d run a corporation… Or head a foundation. I love visioning and working with a group of people to bring that vision into something tangible… fruitful..and helpful to humanity.

What is one “fun fact” people may not know about you?

One of my guilty pleasures—I love casino slot machines. Fun games!!!

If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why?

A bird with a huge wingspan. I would like to know what it feels like to SOAR!

What else can fans expect from you this year?

I have a couple new singles coming out this year and a new music video. And please check out my calendar at because I have several wonderful concerts coming up.

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